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TT1530/255s Top Tuning 5500mAh HV LiPo battery 2S, 7,6V, shorty-receiver battery 100C

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Available from stock
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Absolute premium quality receiver battery from Top Tuning!

Typical properties

  • Voltage: 7.6V
  • Capacity: 5500mAh
  • Watt hours: 37.0Wh
  • Cell Configuration: 2S1P
  • Battery type: LiPo HV
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 100C
  • Maximum charge rate: 2C
  • Maximum charge current: 11.0A
  • Hard Case: Yes.
  • Connector type: T-Plug
  • Cable cross section: 12 AWG
  • Balancer connection: JST_XH


  • length: 96 mm
  • Width: 47 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Weight without cable: 212g
  • Weight with cable: 229g

  • 1 piece

Safety Bag
  • • Without Safety Bag
  • • 1 x TT1499 Top Tuning Safety Bag for LiPo batteries
  • • 2 x TT1499 Top Tuning Safety Bag for LiPo batteries
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1.1 First charge
  • When you receive the battery, please do not use it directly, but to fully charge it first with the specific LiPo balancer-charger.

1.2 Charger
  • Use specific LiPo balance-Charger only. Other types of charger are not recommended to charge the batteries.

1.3 Charging current
  • Never charge batteries with current over the maximum charging current wich was regulated by specifications (2-3C in general), strongly recommended shpuld not exceed 5C. Higher setting may lead to charging insufficiency, inferior in performance, heating and even leakage.

1.4 Charging voltage
  • Charging Voltage should be controlled around 4.20V and under any condition should not beyond the regulated limit voltage (4.25V/cell). As for battery pack in series, please choose balance charging or charge each cell respectively. Series charging is not recommended. If the charging voltage is too high or you choose series charging, over-charge may occur. All these may result in battery swelling, heating or even leakage, severely deteriorating batteries performance and cycle life.

1.5 Charging temperature
  • Batteries must be charged at a place within the temperature ranged from 15°C to 35°C, or it may lead to the reduction of charging and discharging efficiency, charging insufficiency.

1.6 Reverse charging is prohibited
  • Please correctly connect the positive (+) and negative (-) electrode of the battery, and strictly avoid reverse charging. Otherwise the battery would not be chargeable. Meanwhile, reverse charging will reduce the charging and discharging performance and security of the battery, even result in heating or leakage.

1.7 Disposal of abnormal phenomena while charging
  • If there´s any abnormal condition occurs during the charging process, please discontinue the charging process immediately and consult relevant professionals for disposal.

- Use only under direct supervision of adults
- Charge only in a suitable charging bag / protective bag
- Do not store battery discharged (at least 50% charge is recommended)


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