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TT1030 Top Tuning CAR-STAND for 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10
Ideal work stand with extra wide tripod up to 100 kg. load capacity with excellent stability, even on uneven (!) urface.Specially made support mechanism, individually adjustable width from 115 mm to 375 mm for most RC cars from 1/10 to 1/5 scale. incline from 0 to 90° Quickly folded and loaded For easy storage, as well as for transport completely foldable! (Carrying bag available!)Height adjustment of the support from 635 mm to 1000 mm and inclination from 0-90° Length of the support surface 386 mm Bis zu 100Kg belastbar! Support mechanism continuosly adjustable in width Due to various adjustment options, the Top Tuning CAR STAND offers the optimal possibilities for making adjustments or maintenance work on the RC car. The load capacity and stability are beyond doubt with a load limit of 100 kg and the extremely stable tripod. The up to 90 ° adjustable slant shows your RC car at events and presentations, as well as in your assembly room to its best advantage! 6.5 kg. weight Pivoting bracket Height adjustable from 69 to 104 cm Basic frame is made of steel, painted or chromed Car bracket is made of aluminum and stainless steel A tool holder TT1030/01 is also available as an accessory in our shop selection.

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HT Car Bag for all models
y0550 HT Car Bag for 1/5 scale cars (Fits FG, HPI, Mecatech FW01, Smartech/Carson a.s.o.)Fits for all 1/5 models for example: FG-: HPI-; Mecatech FW01-; Carson-; Smartech-; Conrads-; Harm-; RS5-; Lauterbacher a.s.oMade from extremely durable fabric, easily washable; with wrap-around shoulder belts and zipper closure.No dirt in the car boot!Dimensions:Length: 95 cmWidth: 50 cmHeight: 30 cmy0551 HT Car Bag for 1/6 scale cars (Fits FG, Smartech/Carson a.s.o.)Fits for all 1/6 models for example: FG Offroad-; Monster/Stadium-; Racetruck-; Carson-; Smartech-; Reely Carbon Fighter; Losi Super Rock Rey, Super Baja Rey, Axial Jeep and any more models. Made from extremely durable fabric, easily washable; with wrap-around shoulder belts and zipper closure. No dirt in the car boot! Dimensions: Length: 70 cm Width: 50 cm Height: 40 cm y0558 HT Car Bag XXL for LOSI 5ive-T, Mini 5ive WRC and Desert Buggy XL and many moreThe XXL version is especially made for the Losi 5ive-T, Mini 5ive WRC, Desert Buggy XL; Arrma Outcast/Kraton; Axial Honcho, Traxxas X-Max/XRT; UFRC GR1/Big Bully. Of course, other 1/5 and 1/6 large scale cars will fit into this bag as well; however, in this case the XXL bag gives you plenty of room for additional accessories. Made from extremely durable fabric, easily washable; with wrap-around shoulder belts and zipper closure. No dirt in the car boot! Dimensions: Length: 100 cm Width: 57 cm Height: 39 cm

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LOS06002 Losi 1/4 Promoto-MX Motorcycle RTR with Battery and Charger, Pro Circuit
An RC motorcycle that looks and performs just like a real dirt bike? It's not a dream anymore it's the Losi Promoto-MX. Innovative mechanical and electronic technologies combine to make this the first RC dirt bike that really works. So let's ride!Key Features The best-looking and best-performing RC dirt bike ever made New, patent-pending Spektrum MS6X technology Frame-integrated, high-RPM flywheel Officially licensed Pro Circuit graphics and rider gear Fully assembled and ready-to-run battery and charger included In The Box (1) Losi Promoto-MX Pro Circuit RTR Motorcycle (1) Spektrum Smart DX3PM Transmitter (4) AA Transmitter Batteries (1) Spektrum 5000mAh 2S 7.4V Smart G2 50C LiPo Battery with IC5 Connector (1) Spektrum Smart S120 USB-C Charger, 1x20W (1) Bike Stand (1) Starting Stand (1) 1/4 Promoto-MX Motorcycle RTR Product Manual (1) Quick Start Guide Chain Lube Tuning Parts Fork and Shock Tools Features The best-looking and best-performing RC dirt bike ever made New, patent-pending Spektrum MS6X technology Frame-integrated, high-RPM flywheel Officially licensed Pro Circuit graphics and rider gear Officially licensed Dunlop MX53 tires Rising rate rear suspension Powerful brushless system with 40+ mph speeds Dirt, Street, and Wheelie Control drive modes Collapsible front crash structure Realistic rider figure with authentic riding gear Functional, cable-driven front disc brake Chain drive with dual disc performance slipper clutch Hands-free starting stand included Keyed bike stand included Fully assembled and ready-to-run battery and charger included OverviewThe Losi Promoto-MX isn't the first scale RC motorcycle that's ever been sold. But it is the very first one that accurately reproduces the full experience and pure fun of riding a real motorcycle. It's the long-awaited dream of RC hobbyists and dirt bike fans alike.The unprecedented realism of the Promoto-MX goes much deeper than its faithfully detailed looks the narrow frame, rider gear, and officially licensed graphics. Even more impressive is how successfully it captures true dirt bike performance, a breakthrough accomplished through a unique hybrid of mechanical and electronic technology developed specifically for the Promoto-MX. It's how these technologies work together that makes all the difference.Promoto-MX electronics include a 2700Kv motor and steel flywheel that are both mounted in the center of the frame. The motor spins the flywheel at over 22,000 rpm to create a gyroscopic force for unparalleled stability. Meanwhile, patent-pending Spektrum MS6X technology takes your input from the DX3PM transmitter and commands the Promoto-MX to lean, turn, and control wheelies with unprecedented balance and finesse.The mechanical technology is equally impressive. Losi's product development team studied full-size motorcycle suspension geometry to give the Promoto-MX the same terrain handling characteristics. A rising rate rear suspension provides superior grip and prevents bottoming out in landings. The completely new front fork design, with an internal spring and dampener, can be tuned by changing the silicone dampening fluid and also allows ride height adjustments. An innovative front and rear wheel braking system gives the bike impressive stopping power, cutting the stopping distance in half compared to rear brake only.Both technologies, electronic and mechanical, are why the Promoto-MX performs better at high and low speeds than any previous RC motorcycle. For dirt bike fans, the "feel" of the Promoto-MX will be instantly familiar. RC car enthusiasts will discover a new way to drive that pulls you deep into the heart of the action carving berms, skimming whoops, holding wheelies, and throwing roost.Finally. An RC dirt bike that really works! Anytime and anywhere, just grab your Losi Promoto-MX, get in the zone, commit to your line, and begin to be the bike. PATENT-PENDING SPEKTRUM MS6X TECHNOLOGY/h3>The new Spektrum DX3PM transmitter and SR6300PM receiver combine with patent-pending MS6X technology for unprecedented control. Promoto-MX drivers can maintain balance at high or low speeds and over jumps and whoops, then give simple steering inputs to carve around tight berms and straighten up heading into the next rhythm section. For more aggressive driving, use the MS6X knob to increase the lean angle. "ON THE FLY" DRIVE MODESThe DX3PM has three preprogrammed drive modes that you can toggle between "on the fly" using your thumb on the A/B rocker switch. SMART TECHNOLOGYHow much battery life is left on your bike? You don't have to guess. LED indicators on the DX3PM transmitter show you the remaining capacity of your Spektrum Smart batteries at glance! Using Spektrum Smart Technology, the Promoto-MX stores and shares critical performance data while you run. Upgrade to the Spektrum DX5C or DX5 Pro to receive additional telemetry information in real-time, such as speed, RPM, amp draw, ESC temperature, and more. FLYWHEEL UNITThe gyroscopic stabilization force created by its heavy steel flywheel spinning at over 22,000 rpm with the 2700Kv motor does wonders for the motorcycle's stability. Mounted as low and as far forward as possible in the frame, the flywheel unit enables the Promoto-MX to pivot around its center point to improve jumping, changes of direction, and the accuracy of the bike's performance. LEAN BARSDon't worry if the front tire washes out on loose dirt. The lean bars are ready to catch it. They'll keep the Promoto-MX from going over its maximum lean angle, helping push it back upright to straighten out and exit the turn. The lean bars have adjustable stops for up and down travel, so you can dial in the bike for any surface or grip level. They also often help with crash recovery when the rear tire has traction. If the bike is down on the track, simply hit the throttle to stand it upright and resume driving. SERVO SAVERThe servo saver's stiff circular springs, captured by bearing-mounted composite plates, provide consistency in steering with enough give to protect the servo. But that's not all. It also drastically improves the bike's performance when setting down from wheelies, landing from jumps, power sliding through a turn, and pushing the front tire over a rut. It gives so the bike stays up. HEAD DAMPINGWith 8-pounds rapidly powering down the track, it takes quite a stiff servo saver spring setup to properly guide the Promoto-MX into the next turn. Like anything heavily sprung, the best way to control the strong springs is to dampen the movement. A key development for the Promoto-MX is a fluid-filled friction chamber between the upper and lower head tube bearings. The chamber is filled with heavy 500,000cSt which dampens the servo saver well and helps to control any possible "head shake." ELECTRONICS INCLUDED- Transmitter (Spektrum DX3PM Smart DSMR)- Receiver (Spektrum 6-Channel DSMR Promoto Receiver)- Steering Servo (Spektrum S620PM Metal Gear Servo)- Front Brake Servo (Spektrum SX108PM Micro Servo)- Motor (Spektrum Firma 3652 3800Kv 4-Pole Brushless Motor)- Flywheel Assembly (Spektrum Motorcycle Stator & ESC Assembly / Spektrum Motorcycle Flywheel Assembly)- Electronic Speed Control (Spektrum Firma 85A Brushless Smart Motorcycle ESC)- Battery (Spektrum 5000mAh 2S 7.4V Smart G2 50C LiPo Battery with IC5 Connector)- Charger (Spektrum Smart S120 USB-C Charger, 1x20W) with IC3 / IC5 adapter NARROW CHASSISTo capture the proper scale looks, the bike's electronics and battery all had to fit within a compact, narrow chassis. Requiring a special "shorty" battery would have made the design task simple, but the Promoto-MX product development team wanted to use a more convenient, standard size battery. Mission accomplished! A full-size 2S hardcase LiPo fits within the rider's seat, easy to access for quick battery changes. Pop in a charged pack and you're back to roosting your competition in seconds. REALISTIC RIDER FIGUREComplete with boots, brain bucket, and riding gear, the rider figure is ready for all of the same dirt bike-style action as you to jump, wheelie, carve berms, and throw roost. The rider figures of other RC motorcycles are made entirely of foam, which quickly fails. The Promoto-MX rider has a rubberized plastic exterior that can give and flex under impacts and flips. To keep the rider from bobbling around on the bike, the torso has a foam insert. It keeps the body firm during normal operation but still able to give under impact. OFFICIALLY LICENSED DUNLOP GEOMAX MX53 TIRESJust as any real dirt bike rider would want, the Promoto-MX comes equipped with the most popular Dunlop dirt bike tire tread, the Geomax MX53. It's officially licensed by Dunlop for scale accuracy and performance. The MX53 delivers on full-scale moto tracks around the world, and it provides high grip and long tire life for the Promoto-MX. TRUE-SPOKE WHEELSIts realistic, true-spoke wheels are another first for the Promoto-MX. No other RC manufacturers have been able to create proper-looking spoked wheels with the durability needed for a dirt bike. It took the determination and expertise of the Losi product development team to make it happen. OFFICIALLY LICENSED TEAM PRO CIRCUIT GRAPHICSLosi partnered with the highly successful Pro Circuit supercross race team to create the officially licensed graphics for the Promoto-MX. Since 1991, Pro Circuit has fielded the strongest, most consistent team on the AMA Supercross circuit. Going back to its first starting lineup, over 50 riders have ridden for the Pro Circuit race team, collectively earning an impressive 31 AMA Championships and six MXoN victories. DISPLAY/MAINTENANCE & STARTING STANDSWorking on a real dirt bike is easier with a proper bike stand. So the Promoto-MX had to have one, too! The included stand for maintenance and display is modeled after a real bike stand, complete with graphics. To keep the bike balanced on the stand, the Promoto-MX keys into the bike stand. Taking it a step further, a hands-free starting stand is also included. This starting stand cradles the rear tire and holds the bike upright and ready for a gate-style start. PLASTICS WITH GRAPHICSBig or small, no dirt bike would look right without a proper body panel kit wrapped in vinyl graphics. The Promoto-MX has all the goods front fender, number plate, fork guards, front side panel, rear side panel, and rear fender all looking fresh wrapped in officially licensed vinyl graphics, but highly durable and ready to get dirty. REALISTIC DETAILSEven tiny touches matter, and Losi hasn't overlooked a thing. Brake and clutch levers, exhaust, brake line, foot pegs, brake rotors, you name it everything about the Promoto-MX is finely detailed. FRONT CRASH STRUCTUREThere's nothing better than sending a huge triple, but what happens if you come up short? Bending a fork leg or tube was not an option, so the Promoto-MX product development team found a solution. The front crash structure is rigid during normal running, but compresses until the front tire bottoms into the chassis frame to absorb those massive front impacts. That protects the front fork tubes from bending, keeping them safe and true. REAR FENDERWheelies happen. A normal, rigid-mounted rear fender would really take a beating. But the Promoto-MX has the solution a hinged elastomer sprung rear fender that can deflect out of the way during wheelies to expose a durable nylon rear bumper. It substantially increases the durability of the rear fender. SKID PLATES & AIR VENTSMolded composite skid plates line the front and bottom of the Promoto-MX chassis. They offer protection during crashes and keep roost out of the chassis, helping to protect the electronics mounted inside. The air vents on each side of the bike come closed in the box, but can be opened to provide cooling airflow when ambient temperatures are high. TWIN ALUMINUM PLATE CHASSISTwin aluminum chassis plates house and protect all of the bike's electronics and help to give the Promoto-MX its realistically narrow appearance. They also give the frame the rigidity and durability required for harsh impacts. RISING RATE REAR SUSPENSIONJust like a real dirt bike, the Promoto-MX has a rising rate rear suspension. The suspension starts soft around ride height, for smooth handling and a superior grip. It becomes firmer as it gets deeper into up travel, to provide proper preload on jumps and prevent bottoming out in landings. Dialed in with a full oil-filled coil-over shock, the Promoto-MX is ready to rip on any surface. FRONT FORKThe front fork of the Promoto-MX is a completely new and modern design with an internal spring and dampener. Designed to work similar to normal RC shocks, the front fork tubes can be rebuilt and tuned by changing the silicone dampening fluid. Using counter-wound upper and lower springs, spacers can be used to adjust the ride height of the Promoto-MX as well. And maybe most importantly, they look awesome just like the real deal. HEAD ANGLEAfter months of testing different trail settings, head angle, and steering ratios, the Promoto-MX product development team found the sweet spot. A head tube angle of 62.4 degrees gives it the best balance of bump handling, landing jumps, steering input, and "head shake" control on all surfaces. BRUSHLESS POWER SYSTEMThe Promoto-MX comes out of the gates HOT with a powerful Spektrum Smart brushless power system. Its 4-pole 3652 3800Kv motor puts down the power while the 85A brushless ESC adds all the control you need. With enough torque to clear large triples and massive 40+ mph top speeds on a 2S LiPo battery the Promoto-MX power system rips! FRONT CABLE-DRIVEN DISC BRAKEHauling on your bike is a lot more fun when you've got good brakes. The motor can handle rear braking through the drivetrain, but like 1:1 motorcycles, most of the braking happens with the front tire. To slow the Promoto-MX down from the front, the front brake uses a steel rotor, caliper-actuated brake pads, and servo-driven cable. It cuts your stopping distance in half just what you need to catch the next berm. RACE-INSPIRED SLIPPER CLUTCHAs its 3800Kv Firma Brushless motor puts out abundant power, the Promoto-MX's race inspired dual disc slipper clutch helps the Dunlop Geomax MX35 rear tire keep traction on loose surfaces. The dual pad, spring pressurized slipper clutch takes inspiration from those that the TLR team uses to win races across the globe. It increases traction and protects the drivetrain without sacrificing explosive drive. REALISTIC CHAIN DRIVEWe could not call the Promoto-MX a dirt bike if wasn't chain driven. Steel links and 70 roller pins wrap around a 10-tooth steel drive sprocket and a 36-tooth aluminum hub sprocket. Regardless of conditions, the chain drive will drive the rear tire efficiently and reliably. READY-TO-RUNThe Losi Promoto-MX comes fully assembled, with a high-quality Spektrum Smart radio system included and on-board electronics already installed. Even AA transmitter batteries are supplied! Just add a 2S LiPo battery with IC5 plug and a compatible charger and you're ready to ride. Please note: IC3 to IC5 adapters will not fit inside of the Promoto-MX. A LiPo Battery with IC5 or EC5 connector is required.

FG Sportsline 2WD-465 Electric Porsche GT2 160 Amp
Das 2WD-465 Sportsline Elektro Modell ist auf einem kurzen Chassis (465 mm Radstand) mit Doppelquerlenkern an Hinter- und Vorderachse aufgebaut. Das Fahrzeug ist werksmäßig mit der 2-Dämpfer-Vorderachse ausgerüstet.In der unlackierten Version ist kein Dekorbogen enthalten!Die Vorderachse wurde beim GT2 auf 384 mm verbreitert. Die Hinterachse ist 395 mm breit.Mit 1100 KV Brushless Motor (Art.-Nr. 07910) und mit 160A Regler (Art.-Nr. 07914).Für die Version sind Fahrtregler und Motor ausschließlich für den Betrieb mit 2x2S oder maximal 2x3S Li-Po Akkus mit EC-8 Serienanschluss vorgesehen.Chassis kurz 465 mit Doppelquerlenkern an Hinter- und Vorderachse komplett montiert, kugelgelagert, Differentialgetriebe, Öldruckstoßdämpfer, mehrteilige unlackierte Polykarbonat-Karosserie (Art.-Nr. 05160L), weisse Speichenfelgen, Reifen und Reifeneinlagen.Lackierung: auswählbarDekorsatz: auswählbar (bei der lackierten Version enthalten)

FG Sportsline 2WD-465 Electric Porsche GT2 200 Amp
The 2WD-465 Sportsline electric model is based on a short chassis (465 mm wheelbase) with double wishbones Rear and front axles built. The vehicle is factory equipped with the 2-damper front axle.In the unpainted version Version does not include a decal sheet!Features: TT5692 Top Tuning Brushless Motor 1090 kVy1567 ZTW Beast Pro 200A regulatorThe front axle of the GT2 was widened to 384 mm. The rear axle is 395 mm wide.With 1090 KV brushless motor (item no. TT5692) and with 200A controller (item no. y1567).< /font>Chassis short 465 with double wishbones on the rear and front axle completely assembled, ball bearings, differential gear, oil pressure shock absorber, multi-part unpainted polycarbonate body (item no. 05160L), white spoke rims, tires and tire inserts. The model is also available in our shop selection including complete RTR equipment! RTR features RTR = Ready to Run. The RTR version is delivered ready to drive and with the 2.4 GHz remote control installed. Transmitter: Reflex Wheel Pro III 2.4 GHz Receiver: Mini BECy1570 CYS S0650 large model servo, 40 kg/0 .11 secTransmitter batteries 4 pieces y0660/04 Paint: selectableDecor set: selectable (included in the painted version)

FG Sportsline with Porsche GT2 body shell 465 mm Wheelbase, 23cm³ Engine
The 2WD-465 Sportsline model is built on the short chassis with double a-arms suspension front and rear. The vehicle is equippedwith the 2-shocks front suspension as standard, which ensures optimum traction for both front wheels.On the GT2, the front axle has been widened to 384 mm. The rear axle is 395 mm wide.Technical description:The model has a 465 wheelbase. The models are built on a 4mm alloy chassis with double wishbones at front and rear axle. All borings of the alloy chassis are countersunk to prevent the screw heads from bearing out. The models are serial equipped with the 2-damper front axle which guarantees an optimal traction of both front wheels. At the front/rear axle you can adjust through track rods or adjusting screws with right-/left-handed thread the king pin angle, trailing effect and toe-in. Further equipment points are front disk brakes, differential gear, easy-running FG ball drive, alloy brake calliper with big brake disk, stabilizer bar front and rear, tuned pipe muffler, rear brace, 24T steel pinion, spark plug cap suppression cover, latest version (Evo) oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external adjusting ring for the initial spring preload. All rotating parts as shafts, axles and clutch bells a.s.o. are supported by ball bearings. You can select the car with complete RTR-equipment from the options menu. RTR-equipment RTR = Ready to Run. The RTR version comes ready to use with the 2,4 GHz rc-system already installed. Transmitter: Reflex Wheel Pro III 2,4 GHzReceiver: Mini BECHigh power servo for throttle and brakeLargescale servo for steeringTx-battery, rx-battery The models are equipped with a powerful 23ccm combustion engine. The engine needs a 2-stroke petrol oil mixture. One tank filling gives you about 45 minutes driving fun. The power is transmitted over the well-tried system: from the engine over the 2-block clutch over radial tooth wheels on to the rear axle which is equipped with the bevel differential gear with pluggable axles. RC-plate with receiver box.To complete the models all merchantable servos and radio control systems are suitable. The RTR version comes with complete factory installed rc-system, including Ni-Cads! The car comes with an unpainted body shell.Also available painted in the shop selection!Dimensions: Length: 840 mm Width: 395 mm Height: 250 mm Wheelbase: 465 mm Touring cars in action!Painting tips: