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We are happy to offer your used car also for sale to our customers!

Please note the following procedures for the sales order:

- Because we have to satisfy both sides, the seller as well as the buyer of the car, the sales price for your model can only be set with our approval.

- When the car is sold, we will deduct 10% from the sales price as an agency fee. You will receive a store credit for the remaining amount. Disbursement of the amount is not possible. Please keep in mind that we have to pay 19% sales tax!

- Since we are only intermediaries for the sales orders, we therefore assume no product liability. In case of any damage we share the buyer's contact details to the seller and will conciliate, as far as we can.

- If we are to take the car offered in payment immediately, this can be done with taking an additional 20% discount into account. Again, the seller receives a store credit. Disbursement of the amount is not possible.