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6730/71 FG Allen Grub screw M5x6 mm

Product information "6730/71 FG Allen Grub screw M5x6 mm"
Genuine FG spare/option part.

Part is delivered in silver or black color from vendor!

  • 15 pieces

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y1525 Universal screws/nuts/washer set for all FG vehicles
Complete universal set of screws, nuts and washers for all 1/5 and 1/6 scale FG vehicles (except Competition/Evo alloy models).The set includes a total of 309 screws, nuts and washers in different quantities.13 sizes of cap head screws8 sizes of CSH screws3 sizes of button head screws7 sizes of set screws6 sizes of washers3 sizes of self-locking nuts2 sizes of nuts9 sizes of self tapping screws3 sizes of CSH self tapping screws3 sizes of pan head screwsComes in a high quality 190x170x40 mm assortment box.Contents:Cap head screws in 12.9:3 piecesM3x82 piecesM3x161 piecesM3x183 piecesM3x209 piecesM4x202 piecesM4x252 piecesM4x301 piecesM4x451 piecesM5x162 piecesM5x251 piecesM6x103 piecesM6x401 piecesM6x75CSH screws in 10.9:2 piecesM4x162 piecesM4x258 piecesM4x401 piecesM5x142 piecesM5x256 piecesM5x302 piecesM5x351 piecesM6x16Button head screws in 10.9:10 piecesM4x82 piecesM4x142 piecesM5x40Grub screws:2 piecesM4x305 piecesM5x52 piecesM5x164 piecesM5x252 piecesM5x302 piecesM5x408 piecesM6x6Washers:2 piecesM3,2510 piecesM4,215 piecesM5,33 piecesM6,410 piecesM4,23 pieces10x16x1Self-locking nuts:3 piecesM316 piecesM410 piecesM5Normal nuts:8 piecesM54 piecesM5Sheet metal screws DIN 7981 Torx:7 piecesM2,9x9,52 piecesM2,9x131 piecesM2,9x192 piecesM2,9x226 piecesM4,2x9,59 piecesM4,2x1314 piecesM4,2x1614 piecesM4,2x225 piecesM4,2x32Countersunk head senk sheet metal screws DIN7982 Torx:14 piecesM4,2x1348 piecesM4,2x162 piecesM4,2x32Button head screws DIN 7985 Phillips (Kreuzschlitz) Verz. 4.8:4 piecesM3x41 piecesM3x252 piecesM4x14