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y1426 HT aluminum gear carrier -on-road- with steel spur gear for the layshaft

Product information "y1426 HT aluminum gear carrier -on-road- with steel spur gear for the layshaft"
Fits FG and Smartech touring cars.

The use of steel spur gears on the layshaft increases reliability significantly. Pebbles, heat and shock loads created by high rev clutches are no longer a problem.
The carrier is designed for reverse installation as seen on the FG EVO car, where the hubs of pinion and spur gear carrier are pointing to the outside of the car.

The carrier features M8 grub screws for installation on the layshaft. This means that the tip of the screw is as wide as the flat area on the shaft and ensures best possible load distribution.

The spur gears feature the same diameter as the FG plastic versions. The use of a steel clutch pinion is mandatory with steel spur gears!

The spur gears are available as 39T, 40T or 41T versions. The following measures are required for installation of the HT-steel gear adapter "on-road" on the layshaft in FG EVO 2020 cars:

- The installed wide 16T layshaft pinion 6431/01 must be replaced by the narrow version 6431.
- The supplied 1mm shim must be added between layshaft pinion and ball bearing.
- The flat sections on the layshaft do not have the usual 180° offset for the adapter; therefore only one grub screw will be used. However, since this is a wide face M8 version, this is no disadvantage.

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