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y1020 MadMax SUPER GRIP 170x80/x60 complete set for Traxxas X-MAXX 4x4 with adapter

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Available from stock
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  • 1 Pair MadMax Supergrip front tires 170x60 mm
  • 1 Pair MadMax Supergrip rear tires 170x80 mm
  • 1 Pair MadMax front rims 60 mm
  • 1 Pair MadMax rear rims 80 mm
  • 1 Pair MadMax front inlays 60 mm
  • 1 Pair MadMax rear inlays 80 mm
  • 2 Pairs / 4 pieces adapter TT1020/01

SUPER GRIP 170 x 80 mm and 170 x 60 mm with black MadMax Extreme rims for 24 mm hex wheel drive, 20 beadlock screws per rim and reinforced silver beadlock rings. Fits Losi 5ive-T, 5ive Mini, Desert Buggy XL and all HPI Baja 5B and 5T/SC cars.

Due to the extreme stress created by the MadMax SUPER GRIP tires, the rim has been optimized again.

The tires come with a special rigid insert which transfers the applied forces without tilting; even with the heaviest cars like the Losi 5ive-T.

All together, the SUPER GRIP lives up to its name and provides maximum grip, which makes it necessary to use the supplied 3 mm beadlock screws for the MadMax EXTREME rims instead of the usual 2.5 mm screws. Additionally, the seating of these screws should be checked after each use.

The set consists of two each front and rear tires, including tire inserts and MadMax EXTREME rims and 4 pieces adapter wheel nuts TT1020/01.

The MadMax SUPERGRIP tires have been designed especially for use on tarmac. Even on fine-pored tarmac your car will still find enough grip! (As you can see in our video.)

On most 1/5 and 1/6 cars the best combination is the use of 60 mm wide front and 80 mm wide rear tires. The Losi 5ive-T Mini should run 60 mm wide MadMax SUPERGRIP tires all around, because the 80 mm wide SUPERGRIP tires are a bit too wide for the Mini body shell.

The 80 mm wide MadMax tires are reinforced on the inside of the carcass with a special cross pattern in the tread section and ribs in the outside shoulder.

MadMax SUPERGRIP tires are available in the following compounds: (embossed marking on the inside shoulder!)
60 mm y1464/01y1464/02
80 mm y1464/03y1464/04

For running an rc-car on tarmac, the following recommendations apply:

The dirtier the track or the colder the weather, the stickier (softer) the rear tires should be.

A note for the front tires: 2WD cars should run slightly harder tires in front than in rear.
On 4WD cars the same compound front and rear is usually a good choice!

Of course, like in full scale motorsport it also applies to the MadMax SUPERGRIP tires that the softer the tire the higher the wear. The medium compound tire lasts significantly longer than the soft version!

The MadMax SUPERGRIP has a special on-road tread. These tires have excellent grip even after eating up the tread and can be used after that for a long time as slicks!

MadMax SUPERGRIP spare rubber can be found here: MadMax SUPER GRIP spare part

Some off-road tires knowledge can be found here!

TT1020 Top Tuning Adapter wheel nut

Genuine TopTuning spare/option part.

These adapter nuts, manufactured from billet 7075 aluminum allow for easy and precise installation of all MadMax, HPI and Losi tires and rims on the Traxxas X-Maxx. For the best result possible, nut and adapter are manufactured as a one-piece unit.

It should be noted that the wide rims can be used on the rear axle only. On the front axle they would limit the steering angle by grinding on lower a-arm and steering rod.

Traxxas has microencapsulated the wheel shafts of the X-Maxx to secure the wheel nuts. Like any thread locking compound this is not for eternity. After several tire changes the use of a normal screw locking compound is advised, we recommend it "y0113 / 01 medium strength".

The dimensions of the nut are specifically designed for use with MadMax, current HPI and Losi rims. Rims from Losi 5ive have slightly different dimensions in the hub area. This is meaningless on the large LOSI or HPI wheel adapters. With the smaller and shorter wheel nut thread of the X-Maxx wheel shafts you cannot compromise. Therefore there are also special nuts for the Losi rims/wheels available at our options menu.
However, somewhere in the past, the injection moulds for the HPI rims were slightly modified in the hub area. As part of that job the bore diameter has probably been slightly increased. Therefore, the use of older rims in combination with the adapter nuts makes it necessary to increase the rim bore a little bit.

Due to repeated requests for use: these wheel nuts replace the stock wheel nuts when installing the wheels!

  • 4 pieces

  • • y1020/01 Each 1 pair 60 mm Soft front + 1 Paar 80 mm soft rear
  • • y1020/02 Each 1 pair 60 mm Soft front + 1 Paar 80 mm soft rear
  • • y1020/03 Each 1 pair 60 mm Soft front + 1 Paar 80 mm medium rear
Tire mounting
  • • Without Tire mounting
  • • With tire mounting
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