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PMT Supreme H00 (K03) Tyres, hard

Product information "PMT Supreme H00 (K03) Tyres, hard"
PMT tire chart from the current series divided into 3 categories

1) Parking lot / hobby

The durability of the tire is the main focus here.

2) Race track / hobby

Here you will find the tire that offers a compromise of durability and performance.

3) Race track / competition

Here the racer will find the tires for best lap times on a race track and to win races.


The harder a tire compound - the longer it lasts, but the more moderate the performance.
The softer a tire compound - the better the performance, but the lower the durability.


As a rule, the same tires can be used for front and rear.

If the vehicle tends to oversteer, this can be avoided by using a harder front tire!

In wet conditions you should use a rain tire which offers maximum grip under these circumstances.

With the use of Magic Rain, a tire traction compound, the grip can be further improved.

Check your tires after driving! It can happen that a tire starts to detach from the rim, in this case you should glue this spot immediately with our tire repair kit (y0067), otherwise the tire could detach completely from the rim.

So find out which tire is the best for you!

Genuine PMT spare/option part.

The Supreme have been designed for all track conditions. Developed with latest generation components, deriving directly from the highest level of Motorsport, they are available in three hardnesses:
  • SS "NEW": supersoft, 35 shore hardness, suitable for rear and slightly abrasive asphalts
    • S00 (K00): soft, 38 shore hardness, suitable for rear and slightly abrasive asphalts
    • M00/P1 (K01): medium, 42 shore hardness, suitable for rear / front and medium abrasive asphalts
    • H00/P1 (K03): hard, 45 shore hardness, suitable for front and very abrasive asphalts

    On this type of tyres a new lighter and harder rim will be used, designed to withstand 25% higher lateral forces, compared to existing ones.
    Moreover, even the filling mousse has been updated and can now withstand up to a temperature of 130 °, without altering its mechanical characteristics.


    • Outside diameter: approx. 116 mm
    • Width: approx. 65 mm
    • Rims: 18 mm square drive

    • 2 pieces

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