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New online shop rc-car-online.de

New shop, well-known service!

We warmly welcome you to our new shop! After a long time of work, it is finally here. Do you have any questions about our online shop? No problem, we are available to answer your questions. On this page we look at the how and why. 
Before placing an order, we ask you to check the addresses provided for errors!

If you still have any questions, please feel free to send us an email with your question to [email protected].


In order to offer our customers the best service, we have switched to a modern platform that also supports the latest payment methods. Accounts whose last login took place before 2021 could not be transferred!
We would like to confirm that the recent email regarding your customer account indeed originated from us. The password provided in the email was randomly generated and is unknown to us, as we do not have access to customer passwords for security reasons and do not store them. You can safely change this password at any time in your customer account.
Content: Due to the switch to a new shop system, we are unable to transfer old orders. The order data from the old system are stored in a format incompatible with the new system. We ask for your understanding regarding this technical limitation. However, future orders will be visible in your customer account in the new shop as usual, offering you an improved overview and management.

Content: In the course of transitioning to our new shop system, we conducted extensive tests to ensure the accurate transfer of customer data. Due to privacy reasons, these tests were carried out only with simulated data, not actual customer data. Therefore, we ask you to review your customer data in the new shop and look for any discrepancies that may have arisen during the import process. Your assistance is crucial in maintaining data quality and optimizing the transition.

Content: All vouchers have been imported into the new shop system, and existing codes remain valid. If a voucher is missing or a code is not working that should still be valid, please contact us. We can check the issue as we have access to all old voucher data and can create a new voucher with the appropriate value if needed.

If you have not received an email from us with a new password, your old customer account has not been transferred. If you have attempted to reset your password but have not received an email from us, this means that there is no account registered under the provided email address. Please check the spelling of your email address or register for a new account if you do not have one already.

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