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GW91 GRP-CROSS off-road race tires, choice of 2 variations (S and P) and several compounds, also available mounted and glued

Product information "GW91 GRP-CROSS off-road race tires, choice of 2 variations (S and P) and several compounds, also available mounted and glued"
Genuine GRP spare/option part.

GRP is one of the leading manufacturers of 1/5 and 1/6er street; and with its current off-road tires MICRO and CROSS he has the optimal solution for all track conditions and surfaces.

As a recommendation:
The dirtier the track or the colder the weather, the more grippy (softer) the rear tire should be.

Note regarding the front tires: For 2WD cars it should be one to two steps harder than the rear tire. On 4WD models, a tire combination with the same shore hardness front and rear is usually a good choice.

Of course, as with all tires, it also applies to the GRP tires MICRO and CROSS: the softer the tire, the higher the wear.

On rough pile carpet the GRP-CROSS tire is often a good alternative to the GRP Micro. Its coars tread it gives your off-roadcar the necessary grip on loose as well as on firmer soil, sand and also in case of a "worn-out" track.

The following classification should help you with the tire selection, even though it is certainly recommended to find the best possible tire for your individual setup by your own test drives on the track.

  • GRP-CROSS GW91-P1 soft for astro turf/carpet tracks, in colder weather and low grip conditions
  • GRP-CROSS GW91-P3 medium for astro turf/carpet tracks, but at higher temperatures and good grip
  • GRP-CROSS GW91-S1 soft for clay soil, on colder days and less grip on the track
  • GRP-CROSS GW91-S3 medium also suitable for natural terrain, at normal temperatures and good grip.
  • GRP-CROSS GW91-S5 hard, for good to very good grip conditions and/or good weather

But as already said: "The proof is in the pudding", which means that a GRP-MICRO-S tire can also prove to be the best on a specific astro turf track, depending on the tracks condition and weather! And, of course, vice versus with a GRP-MICRO P tire. This applies especially to race tracks with a mix of carpet/astro turf and sorts of natural soil surface sections.

As with full scale racing, in RC-car races, the right selection of tires often decides on victory or defeat.

Technical note: The outside shoulder of the tires is reinforced and is labeled "OUT" by GRP!

In our shop selection, the GRP off-road tires are also available mounted and glued on the original GRP Race disc rim.

  • Outside diameter approx: 175 mm
  • Inside diameter approx: 135 mm
  • Width approx 70 mm

  • 2 pieces


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