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y1444/01 Temperature resistant cable ties 4,8 x 290 mm
Genuine HT spare/option part. Particularly advantageous for installation of tuned pipe exhausts. Content:20 pieces


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y1444 Mounting bracket for tuned pipe mufflers
Genuine HT spare/option part. Extra large bracket with wide surface allows for the use of two strong cable ties at the same time. You can even use a hose clamp at ones own discretion. The bracket comes with M5 lens flange head screw, nut and washer as well as with special temperature resistant cable ties. Content:BracketEach M5 screw, nylock nut and washer4 x temperature resistant cable tie 4,8 x 290 mm


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y1443 Shock spring set for touring cars
Set of springs suitable for FG Sportsline, Smartech C5 and many other cars.Combination for a slightly softer suspension setting:1 x progressive yellow for the rear 1 x cask spring red for the front Combination for a slightly firmer suspension setting: 1 x progressive orange for the rear 1 x cask spring violet for the front Recommended shock oil: Front: 9,000 viscosity Rear: 6,000 viscosityDimensions:Yellow: Length: 58,2 mm, thickness: 2,3 mm, inside diameter: 16,9 mmOrange: Length: 58,2 mm, thickness: 2,5 mm, inside diameter: 16,7 mmRed: Length: 49 mm, thickness: 2,9 mm, inside diameter: 16,8 mmBrown: Length: 47,6 mm, thickness 2,8 mm, inside diameter: 16,6 mm


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y1441/03 Audi RS5 DTM Flaps/winglets
Fits Audi RS5 DTM body shell.


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y1440 Team Decals Post for BMW M3 ALMS
Team decal sheet, suitable for BMW 320si body shells with the order numbers: y1437.Team decal sheet includes the following manufacturers: Deutsche Post, Hankook, Sonax, Castrol, EDGE, Zollner, Sachs, Allgeier, H&R, Exide, GNB. Dimensions:Big decal sheet: 390 x 200 mmPost logo for the roof: 210 x 145 mmM3 rear wing lettering: 250 x 36 mmStripes: 400 x 73 mm


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y1445 MadMax Maxi Pin tyre, 1 pair
MadMax MAXI PIN tyres have been specially developed for carpet race tracks!  The special block tread pattern, with 480 knobs per tyre, provides excellent grip, but also puts extreme strain on the tyre and the rim.  To stabilise the tyre, the outside of the tyre shoulder is equipped with vertical ribbing on the side, which minimises tilting under load and counteracts the shear forces that occur in bends. Furthermore, the MAXI PIN tyres have knobs positioned on the side of the outer side, which particularly support the steering behaviour of your RC car in bends. Taken together, the MAXI PIN tyres provide maximum grip.  Dimensions:  Outer diameter: 185 mm  Tyre width at the outer edge of the tread: 75 mm  1 pair