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y0743 Clutch-Safe 10 g, adhesive especially for clutch pads

Product information "y0743 Clutch-Safe 10 g, adhesive especially for clutch pads"
Special single component epoxy adhesive for bonding clutch shoes; suitable for extreme operating temperatures (up to 200°C!)

Important note for processing: For the final cure of the bond Clutch-Safe must be tempered at 170°C for 1 hour! (1 hour at 170°C in the oven!)

The extremely high temperature load on the clutch shoes when used in off-road cars caused by increased clutch slippage, the shock of jumps and the combination with sometimes very high vehicle weights (up to 18 kg!) make bonding with Clutch-Safe highly recommended.

For later removal/replacement of worn out clutch pads the clutch shoes must be heated as well.

  • Clutch-Safe adhesive must be stored in the fridge!

10g tube

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