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2012-107 Mecatech Gearwells Retaining Ring
Genuine Mecatech spare/option part for the FW01.Content:4 pieces


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6201220 Roadies 2012 PRO Formula 1 front tires medium, mounted / glued on white rims, 2 pcs.
Roadies Formular 1 tire chart from the current series divided into 3 categories 1) Parking lot / hobbyThe durability of the tire is the main focus here.2) Race track / hobbyHere you will find the tire that offers a compromise of durability and performance.3) Race track / competitionHere the racer will find the tires for best lap times on a race track and to win races.Note:The harder a tire compound - the longer it lasts, but the more moderate the performance.The softer a tire compound - the better the performance, but the lower the durability. Hint!As a rule, the same tires can be used for front and rear.If the vehicle tends to oversteer, this can be avoided by using a harder front tire!In wet conditions you should use a rain tire which offers maximum grip under these circumstances.With the use of Magic Rain, a tire traction compound, the grip can be further improved.Check your tires after driving! It can happen that a tire starts to detach from the rim, in this case you should glue this spot immediately with our tire repair kit (y0067), otherwise the tire could detach completely from the rim.So find out which tire is the best for you!The 2012 Pro rear Slick Tire comes ready glued on white rims. The rubber is based on our sucesessfull 2010/11 pro tyre and uses the same compound. The insert has been modified to fit the new shape of the tire. Due to the slick surface the tyre performs better and has a decreased wear rate. Furthermore it offer better traction.The special feature of the 2012 rear tire is its weight reduction of 140 gramms per pair. This was achived by reducing the width by 11mm to 69mm. Due to this change the tyre offers some significant advantages, such as:- reduced tyre spinning mass- reduced volume- more stabilityResulting from those features the clutch has a lot less stress under acceleration; higher rpm will be reached; better traction out of the corner is achived; steering is gained; the front tyre wears less and the tyre performs in a more constant manner throughout the race. As the volume of the tyre is decreased by 25%, it reaches its optimum temperature earlier and keeps it more consistantly. No loss of front end grip will be suffered from anymore as the race proceeds. Furthermore, it is easier to reach good performance in low temperature conditions and the tyre wear is astonishing low.!! Atention, please take the following advice !!- reduce rear camber to a maximum of 1.5° to reach maximum performance and gain tyre`lifetime- pierce a small hole in the surface of the tyre to allowe it to breathe while heating up and cooling down. This is an essential point and it is very important to not only drill holes into the rims as the inserts are glued to the rims and as a result the tyre can only breathe through wholes in its own surface. So holes in both tyre surface and the underneath of the rim please. Do not worry about any damage to the tyre due to the holes. We have designed it to cope with this.


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2012-274 Mecatech Car Bag
Genuine Mecatech spare/option part. Very tough car bag with hardcase shape. All side panels are reinforced with a solid plastic tub.Dimensions:Length: 93 cmHeight: 30 cmWidth: 45 cmContents:1 piece


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2012-177 Mecatech steering limiter
Genuine Mecatech spare/option part for the FW01.Content:1 piece


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2012-64 Mecatech Steearing Rod 94 mm
Genuine Mecatech spare/option part for the FW01.Total length: 94mmThread size: M4Thread length: 16mmContent:1 piece