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TT0990 Top Tuning Failsafe with kill switch and status LED for all transmitters

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Available from stock
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Genuine TT spare/option part.

The new and improved failsafe modul.

This kill switch module works with most FM and 2.4 GHz rc-systems. Not compatible with AVC-equipped receivers!

You must have a free channel on your rc-system in order to install the module! This means at least a 3-channel radio for standard 1-servo brake/throttle setups or a 4-channel radio for dual brake servos driven by the radio's mixer function.

With this module you can stop the engine with your radio. Additionally the module features a failsafe function which stops the engine when the rx-battery's voltage drops below a certain level or the rc-system has a glitch.

A kill switch module fulfils two tasks. On the one hand, as a safety device, it is intended to shut off an engine with magneto ignition in case of failure of the remote control, and on the other hand, the engine can be stopped at any time by remote control.
While the latter is mainly used for convenience, the safety aspect is what really matters.

The failsave circuit integrated in all modern remote controls may brake the vehicle in the event of a radio interference, but this feature is dependent on the basic functionality of the receiver system and its power supply. However, if the receiver, the gas servo or the power supply fails completely, the failsave of the remote control can no longer do its job. The vehicle may be running haywire at full throttle.
In these cases, the kill switch will cut the ignition of the engine and the vehicle will roll out without power.

  • Ready to install — no soldering required
  • Remote LED for easy-to-spot operational status (ignition live/killed)
  • Optically coupled to isolate the ignition from the radio system
  • Threshold value for undervoltage protection (4V, 5V, 6V) adjustable with jumpers allows adaptation to the rx-battery type (LiPo, LiFePo, NiMH, NiCd)

  • 1 piece


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