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8 products found for "hpi.h86927"


Catalogue #1

86927 HPI O-rings P6 6 x 2 mm, clear
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Contents:12 pieces

86417 HPI Ball 10 x 12 mm
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Content:4 piece

86407 HPI Ball 6,8 x 16 mm
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Content:4 pieces

86425 HPI Ball 14 x 17 mm
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Contents:4 pieces

86607 HPI Flanged collar 4 x 6 x 7 mm
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Contents:2 pieces

86628 HPI Rear wing holder Baja 5B
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Color: purple.Dimensions: 7 x 82 mm.Contents:2 pieces

85427 HPI Allox Differential case
Genuine HPI spare/option part. Boost the durability of your Baja with this Alloy Differential Case Set! Designed for longevity and reduced maintenance requirements, this set features a full alloy metal enclosure for the rear diff of your Baja. O-rings are used to seal the diff and prevent fluid loss, and the unit allows you to fully rebuild the diff internals when needed. This is the ideal upgrade for Baja owners who race or really thrash their cars!Content:1 set