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y1016 Zenoah G320RC with Walbro carburetor WT1107

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Available from stock
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With 32 cm³ and 30% more power than the Zenoah G290.

Significantly more torque and higher stamina due to larger sized bearings all around, with Racing Carburetor Walbro WT1107.

The motor is supplied with WT-1107 carburetor and spark plug.

  • Type: Two stroke gasoline engine
  • Displacement: 31,8 cm³
  • Bore: 38 mm
  • Stroke: 28 mm
  • Weight: 2,3 Kg
  • Overall Dimension:
    • Length: 167 mm
    • Width: 215 mm
    • Height: 196 mm
  • Maximum Output: 4,6 PS
  • Maximum Torque: 2,00 N-m
  • Rotation Direction: Counterclockwise
  • Carburetor: Walbro WT-1107
  • Spark plug: CMR7H
  • Starting: Recoil starter

For all HPI Baja 5 cars the G320RCer clutch housing has to be shortened at the mounting base, for Losi 5ive- T and Desert Buggy XL cars the clutch housing’s overall length must be shortened to CY size.

With the new "K & N" version of the Losi DBXL there is another detail, which need to be considered.

From the very beginning the hole pattern for the engine installation in the DBXL chassis plate was no precise match to the hole pattern of the engine, even when delivered in stock form with standard engine. Now with the "K&N" version the engine mount has been changed to eliminate this discrepancy. However, all aluminum engine mounts available on the market share their dimensions with the previous plastic engine mount. For the installation of a G320 Zenoah in a "K&N" -DBXL two possible combinations exist in order to obtain the correct hole pattern:
  • When using the standard (new) plastic engine mount a shortened clutch housing is required as in a 5ive-T
  • When using an aluminum engine mount a stock length clutch housing is required

Separately, it is recommended to enlarge the cutout in the body panel in front of the K & N air filter for about 2 - 3 mm to ensure that the panel cannot chafe on the air filter.

When installing the air filter you must pay attention to the length of the screws.
For use on Losi and HPI we recommend M5x45 screws (like H94763); you can also cut existing screws to length, of course.
When ordering with a modified clutch housing we will include these screws!

In our shop you can select from Zenoah G320RC engines already modified to fit your HPI or Losi car.

The installation of the Zenoah G320RC in other cars (like FG or Smartech buggies / monsters a.s.o.) is not even remotely straightforward, since the layshaft pinion (the small pinion in front of the big differential spur gear) is in the way for the larger Zenoah G320RC crankcase.

Compatibility Zenoah / Losi 5ive-T:
Please note that for installation in a Losi 5ive the fan cover must be swapped for a Losi or CY cover #5341 in order to fit the chassis" bolt pattern.

If you want to install a Zenoah engine into the Losi 5ive, you usually have to use a fan cover from the CY engine.
However, there is a workaround to maintain Zenoah fan cover.

The adjustment is done via the pinion specific mounting plates for the engine. The change always affects only the rear, outer (carburetor side) plate under the fan cover. This is rotated by 180°; so that the embossed number on this plate faces the exhaust side of the engine!

  • 18T pinion: use 20T plate, rotated 180°
  • 19T pinion: use 19T plate, rotated 180°
  • 20T pinion: use 18T plate, rotated 180°
On the plus side you gain the opportunity to easily mount a Zenoah engine keeping the original fan cover. On the other hand there will be the disadvantage of the necessity to combine two different sets of engine mounting plates when installing any pinion other than the stock 19T version. Therefore we do not recommend this workaround for everyday use. Nevertheless it works perfectly should ever the need arise.


We recommend to run exclusively fully synthetic 2-stroke engine oil,
like y0813 Motul 800 racing oil.

Clutch housing
  • • Without clutch housing
  • • y1016/100 Original clutch housing
  • • y1016/100-01 Clutch housing Zenoah G320RC for Losi 5T, 5B and Mini models first series
  • • y1016/100-02 Clutch housing Zenoah G320RC for HPI models
  • • With y1421/02 Engine quick mount
  • • With y1423/02 for Zenoah G320
  • • With original carburetor Walbro WT-1107
  • • With ball-raced tuning carburetor Walbro WT-1107
  • • Without clutch
  • • y5316/10 with clutch and carrier
Air filter
  • • Without air filter
  • • 7356/08 with genuine Walbro air filter
  • • Without Service-Bag
  • • With y0518 Service-Bag
more ...

Dimensions of the engine:


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