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y1464 MadMax SUPER GRIP 170x80/x60 replacement wheels
y1464 Wheels: Trenner 1
The MadMax SUPERGRIP tires have been designed especially for use on tarmac. Even on fine-pored tarmac your car will still find enough grip! (As you can see in our video).On most 1/5 and 1/6 cars the best combination is the use of 60 mm wide front and 80 mm wide rear tires. The Losi 5ive-T Mini should run 60 mm wide MadMax SUPERGRIP tires all around, because the 80 mm wide SUPERGRIP tires are a bit too wide for the Mini body shell.The 80 mm wide MadMax tires are reinforced on the inside of the carcass with a special cross pattern in the tread section and ribs in the outside shoulder.MadMax SUPERGRIP tires are available in the following compounds: (embossed marking on the inside shoulder!)Breite:Soft:Medium:60 mm y1464/01y1464/0280 mm y1464/03y1464/04For running an rc-car on tarmac, the following recommendations apply:The dirtier the track or the colder the weather, the stickier (softer) the rear tires should be.A note for the front tires: 2WD cars should run slightly harder tires in front than in rear.On 4WD cars the same compound front and rear is usually a good choice!Of course, like in full scale motorsport it also applies to the MadMax SUPERGRIP tires that the softer the tire the higher the wear. The medium compound tire lasts significantly longer than the soft version!The MadMax SUPERGRIP has a special on-road tread. These tires have excellent grip even after eating up the tread and can be used after that for a long time as slicks! Some off-road tires knowledge can be found here!

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