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y0741 Aluminum air filter adapter for Losi 5ive-T with velocity stack, 1 pce.
The aluminum air filter adapter replaces the plastic base plate with the same dimensions of a 5ive-T (not 2.0!) air filter. Its rigidity ensures a reliable seal to the carburetor. It will not warp; neither by high temperatures nor by tightening the mounting screws.This Venturi-insert/adapter prevents that unfiltered intake air perhaps comes into the engine!The additional velocity stack will simply be inserted into the cage for the inner filter foam. It conceals the mounting screws almost completely, providing excellent flow characteristics and improved performance.Comes complete with installation hardware and gaskets included.Scope of delivery1x Air filter adapter2x Countersunk screw 5x501x Carburetor gasket1x Air filter gasket


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y0740 Replacement silicone exhaust hose for Losi 5ive-T Jetpro
Genuine HT spare/option part. Spare part for the Jetpro Losi 5ive-T tuned pipe.Measures:Inside diameter: 28 mm Outside diameter: 37 mmWall thickness: 4 mmLength : 46 mmContents:1 piece


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y0744 Differential Silicone oil / grease, viscosity 15.000 untill 2.000.000, 50 ml
y0744 Viscosity: y0744/04 - 100.000+ 2.9EUR
For changing the locking effect of large scale car differentials.Top quality in 50 ml plastic wide-neck bottles.Silicone oil / grease with a viscosity to choose:15.00030.00050.000100.000300.0001.000.0002.000.000Viscosity of silicone oil at various temperatures.

Content: 50 Milliliter (€258.00* / 1000 Milliliter)

€12.90* €15.90* (18.87% saved)

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y0743 Clutch-Safe 10 g, adhesive especially for clutch pads
Special single component epoxy adhesive for bonding clutch shoes; suitable for extreme operating temperatures (up to 200°C!) Important note for processing: For the final cure of the bond Clutch-Safe must be tempered at 170°C for 1 hour! (1 hour at 170°C in the oven!) The extremely high temperature load on the clutch shoes when used in off-road cars caused by increased clutch slippage, the shock of jumps and the combination with sometimes very high vehicle weights (up to 18 kg!) make bonding with Clutch-Safe highly recommended. For later removal/replacement of worn out clutch pads the clutch shoes must be heated as well.Attention:Clutch-Safe adhesive must be stored in the fridge! Content: 10g tube

Content: 10 Gramm (€495.00* / 1000 Gramm)


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y0141 Inline fuel filter
Genuine HT spare/option part. Fuel filter to be installed in the fuel line outside of the tank. Dimensions of filter body: 32 x 21 x 17 mm.Contents:1 piece


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y0701/01 Single-sided split alloy servoarm
Splitted Alloy servoarm for a more protecting screw connection (with a 2,0 mm allen head screw driver) causing stiffness on the servo output shaft!Suitable for all servos with an output shaft with 25 tooth spline shaft, for example:y2006 Digital Big-Scale Servo D-21HV Nearly all Robbe/Futaba servosMega Power servoThunder Tiger DS1015Savöx servosand many more!holes for linkage with 3 mm diameterWhen you count the teeth of your servo you can check if this alloy arm will fit to your servo. Alloy servoarms are indispensable by strong digital servos, as used on big scale models for example, to optimize the servo forces being transferred.Content:1 piece