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y0617 The offroad super combination - Front V-Pin / Rear Mammoth, 1 pair each (2 pairs in total)

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Available from stock
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The offroad tire combination!

V-Pin front and Mammoth wide tires in rear are the unbeatable combination for offroad use.

combi set:
Mammoth ready glued: 99,90 EUR
V-Pin ready glued: 78,80 EUR
Total: 178,90 EUR
Offer price: 99,99 EUR

Description for V-Pin tires:
The V-pin competition tire is particularly suitable for tracks with loose and sandy surface.
The high tread profile, extended to the tire shoulder requires a high manufacturing cost.
This tread design guarantees an extremely high side traction and provides maximum propulsion especially on surfaces like sand and loose soil for optimum.

By cutting of the tread profile of the V-pin tires you can adjust your car's handling easily. The partly or nearly complete removal of the V-pin tire's tread on the outside of the tire, greatly affects the tire's side bite when cornering.
Summarized: removing tread from V-Pin tires on the front axle will reduce oversteering, calm your car and make it easier to drive.
When oversteering is extreme (e.g. high grass) you may even start cutting the tread on the inside shoulder. This can prevent your car from those annoying traction rolls.

Diameter: 163 mm
Width: 65 mm

Prices of the components V-Pin:
  • V-Pin tires EUR 39.90 EUR / pair
  • V-Pin tire inserts EUR 9.90 EUR / pair
  • Rims FG 6105/01 EUR 14.90 EUR / pair
  • glue set y0067 EUR 13.30 EUR

Total EUR 78.80 EUR

Description for Mammoth tires:
Extra wide tire mounted and glued on genuine 1/6 scale FG buggy rims 6105/01 with extension ring!
The white lettering on the tires has been applied for presentation purpose only. The tires will be delivered with black sidewall.

Diameter: 165 mm
Width: 80 mm
Rim with 18 mm square drive

The Mammoth brings, due to its quite strong and large pins and the extreme width of the tire, especially on hard and low grip surfaces a high traction! Where other tires spin helplessly the Mammoth provides serious traction. Due to the high torque load on the bonding of tires on largescale cars, checking the bonding from time to time and re-glueing (y0067) if necessary is unavoidable.

Combination for the HPI Baja and 5T cars will the rim extension rings glued on the inside!

Unit prices Mammoth:
  • Mammoth tires extra wide: 47.20 EUR / pair
  • Mammoth inserts extra wide: 9.90 EUR / pair
  • genuine FG wide track rims 6105/01: 14.90 EUR / pair
  • genuine FG rim extension rings 6436: 14.90 EUR / pair
  • mounting + glueing rims / extensions / inserts / tires: 13.00 EUR

Total: 99.90 EUR

Mammoth ready glued: 99,90 EUR
V-Pin ready glued: 78,80 EUR
Total: 178,90 EUR
Introductory price: 99,99 EUR

Also suitable for:
With the following wheel adapter:
y1183 Rim adapter

  • • For FG/Carson & co, extension outside
  • • For HPI Baja, extension on inside (without adapters)
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