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y1465 Beadlock screws hexalobular drive (Torx) T10
y1465 Version: screws only
Genuine HT spare/option part. Hardened special screws for mounting the beadlock rings of MadMax and Losi DBXL rims.For HPI rims due to the screw head diameter only to be used in combination with non-HPI beadlock rings (i.e. MadMax or Losi 5ive-T)!The combination of larger diameter and substantially larger thread depth ensures a secure grip of the screws in the plastic of the rims; the coarse thread also allows for quick assembly.The large head with T10 hexalobular drive distributes the load as wide as possible on the ring.The screws are galvanized for rust protection.Please note: it is not recommended to use the screws in rims which had previously M3 screws installed. With new rims or in exchange for M2.5 screws appropriate strength is ensured.Dimensions: Diameter: 3,1 mmLength: 12 mmHexalobular drive: T10 (Torx) Content:1 Set of 40 screws for one pair of rims.

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