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y1388 Offroad tuning springs Dirt-Spring DBXL/XL-E +MTXL
y1388 Version: y1388/01 - 2,5 x 110 mm Ocher, 1 pair
Genuine HT spare/option part. Fits Losi Desert Buggy XL stock shocks.The Desert Buggy XL stock springs use a high preload, which is even bigger than the shocks travel. This means that the stock spring action increases not that much going through the available suspension travel. To handle hard impacts high viscosity oil is used in the shocks; however, this oil is too heavy for these springs for a proper rebound. A sensible suspension tuning becomes much pretty difficult.For this reason, the tuning springs Dirt-Spring Desert Buggy XL are shorter than the stock springs, but also use heavier gauge wire in return. Therefore the change in spring action during the suspension travel is noticeably higher than the preload; the suspension settings can be influenced more effectively.Due to their different characteristics the stock springs are difficult to be sorted among the line of the tuning springs.As a rule of thumb theyre similar to the 2.7 mm version when used with the current 2000 viscosity oil factory fill.Dimensions:Inner diameter: 35 mmFree length: 110 mmNumber of turns: 9Versions:y1388/01 - 2,5 x 110 mm Ochery1388/02 - 2,6 x 110 mm Bluey1388/03 - 2,7 x 110 mm Greeny1388/04 - 2,8 x 110 mm Silvery1388/05 - 2,9 x 110 mm Whitey1388/06 - 3,0 x 110 mm Goldy1388/07 - 3,2 x 110 mm Pinky1388/08 - Complete set, unit prices: 132,93 EUR / Offer price: 89,99 EUR

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