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Alloy servoarms, for 25 teeth multi-tooth shaft
y0700_alle Version: y0700 Double sided alloy servoarm+ 2EUR
y0700 Double sided alloy servoarm: 9,90 EURy0700/01 Single-sided alloy servoarm: 7,90 EURy0701 Double sided split alloy servoarm: 14,90 EURy0701/01 Single-sided split alloy servoarm: 12,90 EURFor y0700, y0700/01, y0701 and y0701/01:Splitted Alloy servoarm for a more protecting screw connection (with a 2,0 mm allen head screw driver) causing stiffness on the servo output shaft Suitable for all servos with an output shaft with 25 teeth multi-tooth shaft, for example:y2006 Digital Big-Scale Servo D-21HVy2007 Digital large scale Brushless Servo CYS9130Nearly all Ribbe/Futaba servosMega Power servoThunder Tiger DS1015And many more!holes for linkage with M3 threadWhen you count the teeth of your servo you can check if this alloy arm will fit to your servo. Alloy servoarm are indispensable by strong digital servos, as used on big scale models for example, to optimize the servo forces being transferred.

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