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y0038 Oil for shock absorber, all viscosities, 50 ml
y0038 Viscosity: y0038/100 - Viscosity: 100
Genuine silicone shock absorber oil for the optimal shock absorber set-up. Content: 50 ml Please note: Factory filling of FG/Losi/Smartech and many other 1/5 and 1/6 scale shocks is done with genuine silicone shock absorber oil. To ensure seal tightness and consistency you should only use genuine silicone shock absorber oil for refilling as well.Most every rc-car shock absorber uses silicone oil of different viscosities. The smaller the number, the lower the viscosity of the silicone oil and the softer the damping. As a rule of thumb: Viscosity 100 = similar to water Viscosity 1.000 = similar to cooking oil Viscosity 5.000 = similar to shampoo Viscosity 10.000 = similar to honey As a reference: The red FG Marder / Off-Road Buggy series shock absorbers are factory filled with 2.000 viscosity oil, the shocks on monster cars with dual shock set-ups (total of 8 shocks) are filled with 1.000 viscosity oil, and the shocks on FG onroad cars come filled with 4.000 viscosity oil. The original filling of the Losi 5ive-T is 350cc silicone oil.FG Silicone oil with 50 ml:FG Item N° 6510/010 = Viscosity: 100FG Item N° 6510/025 = Viscosity: 250FG Item N° 6510/035 = Viscosity: 350FG Item N° 6510/050 = Viscosity: 500FG Item N° 6510/075 = Viscosity: 750FG Item N° 6510/100 = Viscosity: 1000FG Item N° 6510/150 = Viscosity: 1500FG Item N° 6510/200 = Viscosity: 2000FG Item N° 6510/300 = Viscosity: 3000FG Item N° 6510/400 = Viscosity: 4000FG Item N° 6510/500 = Viscosity: 5000FG Item N° 6510/600 = Viscosity: 6000FG Item N° 6510/700 = Viscosity: 7000FG Item N° 6510/800 = Viscosity: 8000FG Item N° 6510/900 = Viscosity: 9000FG Item N° 6511 = Viscosity: 10000Viscosity of silicone oil at various temperatures.

Content: 50 Milliliter (€179.00* / 1000 Milliliter)

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