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GPM SLO5T 16/18/19/20/21/22 steel pinion incl. washer for Losi 5ive-T, 5ive-B and Mini
gpm_slo5t Teeth: SLO5T016T - 16 teeth+ 5EUR
Hardened steel pinion set for Losi 5ive-T, 5ive-B and Mini, with corresponding engine mount inserts included. All parts with laser etched tooth count.Please note: The pinion do fit the 5ive-T 2.0 as well, of course. However, you then have to use the 5ive-T 2.0 engine mount inserts of the appropriate tooth count, inserts from the 5ive-T do not fit! Available with 16, 18T/19T/20T/21T/22T. The 19T pinion is stock equipment in Losi 5ive-T and Mini, 20T is stock in the 5ive-B.The 16T pinion is profile shifted and has the same dimensions as a normal 18T pinion.It is specially made for vehicles where the stock tires are replaced by much larger diameter rubber (i.e. monster truck tires and MadMax Giant Grip).Profile regraded, this means that the number of teeth is changed while the diameter remained constant. The part of the involutes? curve that defines the tooth profile is changed. Positively regraded (lower number of teeth) pinions are stronger and run smoother, the reduced strength of negatively regraded pinions doesn´t really matter.SLO5T018T replaces LOSB5046 and LOSB5805SLO5T019T replaces LOSB5044 and LOSB5801SLO5T020T replaces LOSB5045 and LOSB5802The higher the tooth count, the higher the top speed!

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