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y1402 MadMax CROSS BOND complete tire set 170x80 mm with inlays and screwed rims for 18 mm square and 24 mm hex drive

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Available from stock
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CROSS BOND 170 x 80 mm and 170 x 60 mm tires on MadMax Extreme 20 bolt-beadlock rims with 18 mm wheel square and reinforced beadlock rings were designed for use on loose surfaces. The extremely rigid and differently structured lugs of the CROSS BOND ensure optimum power transmission and also allow for excellent grip on loose surfaces, such as sand and soil. The lugs are raised at the tread’s outside, and therefore provide maximum grip, particularly when cornering where the tire is canted to the outside.

The complete set includes:
One pair of black MadMax EXTREME rims with reinforcement ring over the wheel drive with silver beadlock rings;
the rims are available with 18 mm square drive for FG, Smartech & Co. and 24 mm hex drive for HPI, Losi, MCD and many more.

One pair each of 60 mm wide front tires and 80 mm wide rear tires.

One pair each of moulded special tire inserts for 60 and 80 mm wide tires.

Since the complete system of tire / insert / rim is bolted together and not glued, you can easily fit new tires and inserts later.

  • Outer diameter: 170 mm
  • Tyre width front: 60 mm
  • Tyre width rear: 80 mm

We recommend to check the beadlock screws after the run.

The MadMax Extreme rims will also fit all 60 mm wide HPI and Losi tires and many more.

Some off-road tires knowledge can be found here!

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The video shows the 18 mm square drive version. Also available with 24 mm hex.

Complete wheel set
  • • No complete wheel set
  • • y1402/01 Complete set with one pair front and rear wheel, incl. rims and inlays, 18 mm square
  • • y1402/02 Complete pair front wheels, 18 mm square
  • • y1402/03 Complete pair rear wheels, 18 mm square
  • • y1407/01 Complete set with one pair front and rear wheel, incl. rims and inlays, 24 mm hex drive
  • • y1407/02 Complete pair front wheels, 24 mm hex drive
  • • y1407/03 Complete pair rear wheels, 24 mm hex drive
  • • Without tires
  • • y1412 MadMax CROSS BOND one pair front and one pair rear
  • • y1412/01 MadMax CROSS BOND front tires 60 mm width
  • • y1412/02 MadMax CROSS BOND rear tires 80 mm width
Tire inserts
  • • Without true inserts
  • • y1323/01 Special inserts for 60 mm tires
  • • y1323/02 Special inserts for 80 mm tires
  • • y1323/04 Special inserts, one pair for 60 and one pair for 80 mm tires
  • • Without rims
  • • y1415/01 One pair for approx. 60 mm wide tires (18 mm square)
  • • y1415/02 One pair for approx. 80 mm wide tires (18 mm square)
  • • y1415/03 One pair each for approx. 60 and 80 mm wide tires (18 mm square)
  • • y0761/01 one pair for approx. 60 mm wide tires (24 mm hex)
  • • y0761/02 one pair for approx. 80 mm wide tires (24 mm hex)
  • • y0761/04 one pair each for approx. 60 and 80 mm wide tires (24 mm hex)
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