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y0663 Sanyo eneloop XX receiver battery 2500 mAh NiMh, 1 pce.

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Item N° y0663
Sanyo eneloop XX receiver battery 2500 mAh NiMh, 1 pce.

Informations about eneloop cells:

eneloop XX

The Sanyo eneloop cell eliminates the annoying problem that a charged battery has often lost a high percentage of its storage capacity after just one week. Also, the differences between individual cells in a pack are sometimes significant, reducing the life and performance of the complete pack.
Compared to "normal" NiMh cells the Sanyo eneloop cell has a slightly lower capacity and a slightly higher price (in relationship to its capacity), but you get significant advantages in return.
With the recently available improved version of the 2005 introduced and widely acclaimed eneloop cell self-discharge for rc-car related time frames is now more or less nonexistent. One could easily charge the cells at New Year?s Eve and use them at Christmas without noticing a significant loss of capacity.
Sanyo eneloop cells show a considerably reduced tendency to failure of individual cells in a battery pack. Even after years eneloop cells usually differ by only a few percent.

The voltage of the cells is also slightly higher than with normal NiMh cells, so that more volts are available under load.
Especially when used in largescale cars with their usually extremely strong servos, this is a particularly important feature!
Chargers which are suitable for NiMh cells will also work for eneloop cells.

BECHigh current

The basic features of the eneloop XX version are similar to the standard version, but here the priorities were set slightly different. At the expense of reduced (but easy to cope with for rc-car usage) values for load cycles and self-discharge, capacity could be increased by 25%.

- Nominal capacity: 2500 mAh
- Maximum number of charge cycles: 500
- For cars with up to 3 servos
- self-discharge: 25% at 1 year

You can differentiate the two generations of eneloop cells by checking the model name which is written on each eneloop. The "old" cells have written HR-3UTG (AA) on them, the improved eneloop instead HR-3UTGA (AA)!

  • • y0663/01 FG-connector
  • • y0663/02 Futaba, JR, MPX universal
  • • y0663/03 BEC-connector
  • • y0663/04 High current connector
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