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Mammoth Supergrip for 1/6 and 1/5 offroad cars glued, 1 pair.

from 59,90 EUR

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Available from stock
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Mammoth Supergrip complete glued

Mammoth Supergrip for 1/6 and 1/5 offroad cars

Parking lot / race tires for your offroad car.

VersionWidthOuter diameter
Front64 mm153 mm
Rear78 mm153 mm

Glued on genuine FG rims (rear tires using extension rings), with foam rubber inserts included. Rim has 18 mm square drive with reinforcement ring.

Please note: based on experience we recommend against using other manufacturers rims and extensions. Since the Mammoth tires provide very good grip the rim and the bonding must withstand high loads. Due to the high torque load on the bonding of tires on largescale cars, checking the bonding from time to time and re-glueing (y0067) if necessary is unavoidable.

The Mammoth Supergrip is available in in the following compounds:

Super softSoftMediumHard
Front tirey0581y0582y0583y0584
Rear tirey0591y0592y0593y0594

General recommendation:
The dirtier the track or the lower the ambient temperatures, the stickier (softer) the rear tires should be.

Hint regarding the front tires: 2WD cars should use them one or two grades harder then the rears. 4WD cars usually like the same compound all around.

Of course, the softer the tire the higher the wear rate; and this applies to Mammoth Supergrip onroad tires as well.

The tires have a special onroad thread pattern but will still provide ideal traction after the pattern has been worn out. The white lettering on the tires has been applied for presentation purpose only. The tires will be delivered with black sidewall.

Prices per unit: FrontRear
Mammoth Supergrip:Pair44,90 EUR49,90 EUR
Tire inserts:Pair13,00 EUR13,00 EUR
FG rim:Pair14,90 EUR14,90 EUR
FG extension ring:Pair--.-- EUR14,90 EUR
Mounting:Pair13,00 EUR13,00 EUR
Prices Total:85,80 EUR105,70 EUR / Set= 191,50 EUR
HT prices Total:82,70 EUR86,90 EUR / Set= 169,90 EUR


Also suitable for:
With the following wheel adapter:
y1183 Rim adapter

  • • Front Supersoft, y0581
  • • Front Soft, y0582
  • • Front Medium, y0583
  • • Front Hart, y0584
  • • Rear Supersoft, y0591
  • • Rear Soft, y0592
  • • Rear Medium, y0593
  • • Rear Hart, y0594
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