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UFRC Growler GX1 1/6 scale Brushless Buggy
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The Growler GX1 is a 2WD large scale buggy with brushless drive. The vehicle is comparatively compact, its dimensions are similar to those of the 1/6 FG Marder. Therefore the car is easy to handle and transport. Nevertheless it has a battery box, which can even take 2x 4S batteries with 10000 mAh with ease. This allows long run times, although the model with its high-torque 680KV/5.5 kW motor has a lot of power. The standard 8S/200A speed controller comes from the renowned manufacturer ZTW.

The features of the Growler GX1 are impressive and prove that the UFRC Growler GX1 is an exceptional car. Also the parts’ dimensioning of the largest 1/5 cars was transferred into a 1/6 model at many points.

The wheel hub has standard dimensions with 24 mm hex and 18 mm rim bore. All Losi, HPI, MadMax, GRP, MCD etc. wheels will fit on the UFRC Growler GX1 without conversions or adapters.

Instead of aluminum wheel nuts with fine thread, the UFRC Growler GX1 uses normal M6 screws with countersunk head for wheel mounting. Strong and cheap to replace if necessary. Replacement screws are not model specific, but available as standard parts worldwide!

The battery box has large and captive quick closures.

The UFRC Growler GX1 utilizes two large 1/5 scale steering servos, each with its own servo saver. Savers and center link are ball-raced.

We deliver the GX1 including the following aluminium upgrades:

Balance beam for the front shocks
Gear bracket for the bevel gears
Front motor support

Tub chassis

Bent and milled tub chassis made of 5 mm thick aluminum for extreme rigidity.

Machined connecting plates

Machined connecting plates for the hinge pins with exchangeable plastic inserts as standard.

Balance beam for the shocks

Front suspension with ball-raced balance beam for the shocks (can also be locked if required) for running on very uneven terrain.

Skid and reinforcement plate

Aluminum skid plate/chassis reinforcement for the front axle as standard. Steel reinforcement plate for the chassis in the servo saver area as standard.

Metal thread inserts

The UFRC Growler GX1 has metal thread inserts in the plastic parts at high-stress mounting points.

Shock absorbers

Large-volume shock absorbers with oversized 8 mm piston rods.

Differential cup

Differential cup made of cold extruded aluminum, no fragile cast part!

Drive shafts

Drive shafts with wheel-side CVD joint as in Losi 5ive vehicles. The drive pin on the diff side is also replaceable and has a diameter of 6 mm!


(Left Losi right UFRC)
The huge spindles at the front suspension fill the rims almost completely and guarantee high load capacity. The joint balls in the a-arms have a diameter of 15 mm (FG uses only 10 mm for the same vehicle size).

Front and rear spindles/uprights prepared for installation of in-wheel brakes.

Gevel gears

Very smooth and quiet running transmission with longitudinally mounted motor. Completely encapsulated, no exposed gears. The UFRC Growler GX1 is almost as quiet as a small 1/10th scale car! This is particularly due to the spiral cut bevel gears and helical cut spur gears. The positive connection of the gears on the intermediate shaft is designed as a profiled shaft based on the cycloids of higher level.

Chrome-moly steel

Driveline parts (drive shafts and cups, gears) and turnbuckles made of chrome-moly steel.

Spare wheel

Roll cage with spare wheel mount and additional protective railings for the roof panel.

Body shell

Desert buggy design body panels made of clear polycarbonate.

Chassis protector

Separate polycarbonate chassis protector.

LED Ready

Prepared for extensive LED lighting with reflectors for improved light output...


In the UFRC Growler GX1 the receiver is located in an O-ring sealed box under the battery box. The RX-box is accessible from the underside of the chassis without removal of the battery box through its own cut-out in the chassis. Thanks to a special bulkhead connector the RX-box does not have to be opened for the connection of servos and controllers for maintenance.

Technical data

  • Length: approx. 670 mm
  • Width: approx. 450 mm
  • Height: approx. 290 mm
  • Wheelbase: approx. 480 mm
  • Ground clearance: approx. 60 mm (with 170 mm tire diameter)
  • Weight: 12.2 kg (without batteries and spare wheel)
  • Gear ratio: 9.37:1
  • Shock oil viscosity: front 150 CST, rear 300 CST
  • Diff oil viscosity: 300,000 CST

Please note:

In order to keep the shipping carton as compact as possible, this vehicle comes partially assembled. This means:
  • The suspensions must be mounted on the chassis. A-arms and uprights with wheel/cardan shafts are supplied as pre-assembled units, which must be bolted to the vehicle.
  • The shock absorbers (delivered assembled and filled) must be installed.
  • The wheels must be mounted.

UFRC is short for Unknown Forces RC, a premium manufacturer based in Shenzhen, the home of the most successful high-tech companies in China.
UFRC differs fundamentally from all Asian manufacturers of large RC models:

UFRC has one car in his product portfolio, a second one was just presented as a prototype at the Hobby-Expo 2019 in Beijing. There will never be mass instead of class at UFRC.

The owner of UFRC is also the product designer. He drives and tests his product himself, he knows it well, and he stands behind it. Even more remarkable, however, are the professionalism and the reliability with which service cases or suggestions for detail improvements are approached.

UFRC develops from scratch, there is no copy of a copy of an already known car from another manufacturer. UFRC's developments are characterized by a multitude of independent, innovative and practical detail solutions.

UFRC attaches great importance to material quality, robustness and ease of maintenance. If, for example, high-quality steel for drive parts in the desired quality is not a standard product and has to be procured first, then that's the way it's done. There are no "sloppy" bearing fits either; it fits what belongs together.

Compatibility with standards already established on the market is also important to UFRC. There are no incompatible special dimensions, e.g. for wheel mounts or servo dimensions!


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