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TT0900 Top Tuning electric starter 2.0 for most 1/5 and 1/6 cars
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Available from stock
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The new TT0900 electric starter is pre-assembled and fits a wide range of models including the Losi 5ive-T, 5ive Mini and DBXL, most FG models, HPI-Baja / Wild Attack series etc. The TT0900 electric starter can be started with the remote control (free channel required!).

The new TT0900electric starter has much more power than the previous Electric starter thanks to the brushless motor and higher voltage. The popular Zenoah G320 is no longer a problem. It also no longer uses a one-way bearing, which clearly increases reliability. Also the installation space has been noticeably reduced by the motor and a planetary gearbox.
The starter components to be fitted weigh about 666 grams plus the battery.

For mounting the starter, the flywheel on the engine is replaced by the version with spring-loaded pawls included in the delivery. The tools required for this, piston stopper and flywheel puller, are also included in the delivery.

For the 3rd channel the transmitter should have a switch with two positions (momentary switch preferred) or a controller.

An additional channel is required for a remote engine killswitch. A killswitch is included in the scope of delivery, but a real fail-safe module such as TT0990 offers higher safety. A possibly already existing failsafe module can also be used.

Due to the splitting of the functions engine start and engine stop on two channels, no more compatibility problems with different remote controls are to be expected, only the availability of free channels matters.

A 3S LiPo battery is required as the power source.

In the shop’s options menu, we offer a special battery with a more compact design (5,600 mAh/30C, 110 x 49 x 34 mm) which makes installation usually easier in many cars, as well as a battery with standard dimensions (3,900 mAh/60C, 135 x 45 x 25 mm). Of course, other 3S batteries can also be used at your own discretion, but the load capacity (capacity x C-rate) should be on a similar or higher level.

Please note that we cannot ship batteries to countries outside the European Union!

Since the starter unit can be mounted vertically or horizontally and the brushless starter motor is very small, almost all air filters and most tuned pipe systems can be used.

Notes regarding necessary modifications known to us for mounting the starter depending on the vehicle:

FG 4wd onroad Rear r/h plastic body mount, depending on position, slightly modified or relocated
FG 2wd onroad horizontal engine No modifications
Mecatech FW01 No modifications
FG 4wd Buggy sportsline Depending on the body shell, minor trimming is required.
FG 2wd Buggy current chassis Depending on the body shell, minor trimming is required.
FG 2wd Marder (old chassis) Starter fits without modifications to the chassis plate. However, the body shell has to be cut out a bit more seriously in the area of the starter. A repositioning of the rear r/h body mount is recommended.
FG Monster Cut the r/h side panel slightly and add a flat area to the aluminum tube which supports the panel on the engine
Losi 5ive-B Depending on the tuned pipe, mount starter with motor on top or on the l/h side.
Losi 5ive-B Mount the starter motor on the l/h side, space for the tuned pipe is very tight and must be tested in each individual case. No problems when using the stock muffler box.
Losi DBXL Depending on the tuned pipe, mount starter with motor on top or on the l/h side. If the starter motor is to be mounted on the side, one screw of the motor roll cage must be replaced by a CSH screw.
Carson C5 Only with Zenoah or CY engine, not with Smartech PT engine (different hole pattern on engine)!
Carson C6 With the C6, depending on the body shell, trimming is required.
HPI 5B/T Depending on the body shell, minor trimming is required.
Carson Wild GP Attack Depending on the body shell, minor trimming is required.

The accommodation of the engine killswitch, controller unit and wiring harness must be carried out at your own discretion.

User Manual!

FG 4WD On-Road

FG Monster

FG 2WD On-Road horizontal engine

FG 2WD/4WD Buggy current chassis

Losi 5ive-T


FG 2WD Marder (old chassis)

  • • Without Batterie
  • • TT1530/339 Top Tuning 3900 mAh LiPo battery 3S, 11,1V with T-Connector
  • • TT1530/356 Top Tuning 5600 mAh LiPo battery 3S, 11,1V with T-Connector
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