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Losi TLR 5ive-B-E 1:5 Electric 4WD Buggy Race Kit incl. engine + control
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Available from stock
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Der Losi - TLR 5IVE-B: A top quality 1/5 large scale kit car with excellent accuracy of fit! What you see here in a 3 minute video means at least 7 to 8 hours of pure model building fun during the assembly of the 5IVE-B. (click here)

The 5IVE-B™ buggy is the 1/5-scale kit / assembly kit for hardcore racers who don't want to settle for a 1/5-scale truck conversion. It has been designed from the ground up to the exacting standards of TLR® engineering and includes a feature set you simply won't find in anything else like it. Incl. 56112 ZTW Monster Brushless Motor 700 kV and y1567 ZTW Beast Pro 200A ESC and TT1021 Top Tuning Electric conversion kit for the Leopard version included..

Purpose-Built Racing Chassis
Unlike most so-called 1/5-scale racing buggies, this one comes with a chassis specifically engineered for competition. Inspired by the legendary TLR 8IGHT™ platform, it is machined from hard-anodized, 5mm 6061-T6 aluminum and features a shorter wheel base for better handling. It also has milled pockets that save weight and allow enough flex for maximum traction under hard acceleration.

Dual-Steering-Servo Radio Tray

The radio tray is designed to accommodate the most powerful 1/5-scale steering servos available. Mounting holes for installation of the rc-car-online big servo installation kit y1311/01 are also available.

Racing Body and Wing
The cab-forward body and wing are inspired by those used on 1/8-scale racing buggies. The distinctive shape of the body moves aerodynamic pressure further forward on the car, which improves steering at speed. The wing has a removable wicker bill for adjusting rear downforce.

Hard-Anodized Aluminum Shocks and Shock Towers
The hard anodized, 24mm shocks include bleeder caps that make them easier to build without sacrificing performance. The shock towers offer multiple shock mounting options that give racers an abundance of tuning options for different track conditions.

One-Piece Glue-Style Wheels
The low rotational mass of these wheels allow the buggy to accelerate faster with less stress on drivetrain components.

Axle Boots
Molded rubber boots on the CVAs and center drivetrain dog bones increase U-joint life by holding lubrication in and keeping dirt out.

Redesigned Shock Towers
The hard-anodized shock absorbers feature venting caps which ease assembly without sacrificing performance. The shock towers offer different mounting positions, allowing them to be perfectly matched to the track conditions.

Adjustable Toe and Anti-Squat Plates
These provide even more ways to tune the traction and overall performance of the chassis.

Key Features
  • Purpose-built, racing kit based on the 8IGHT platform
  • DYNS1665 Dynamite Brushless Motor 800kV
  • y1567 ZTW Beast Pro 200A ESC
  • Hard-anodized, 5mm 6061-T6 aluminum chassis plate
  • Dual-steering-servo radio tray
  • Cab-forward racing body
  • Racing wing with removable wicker bill
  • Hard-anodized, 24 mm aluminum shocks with bleeder caps
  • Hard-anodized aluminum shock towers with multiple mounting holes
  • Light, one-piece, glue-style wheels
  • Protective axle boots
  • Adjustable toe and anti-squat plates

To be ready to race, you will also need:

Via our shopping cart's options menu you can configure the 5ive-B Edition equipment individually for example with the y1565 Losi Mechanical Brake!

Please note: the 360° video shows the car with a different equipment group of ZTW Beast motor and 300 A ESC!

  • Length: 832 mm
  • Width: 457 mm
  • Wheelbase: 578 mm

  • • Without transmitter and receiver
  • • Spektrum DX2E
  • • Spektrum DX5 Pro 5 channel radio control
  • • Spektrum DX6R 6 channel Radio System
  • • Futaba T7PX radio control
  • • Without servos
  • • 1 piece K-Power DM4000 Servo
  • • 2 pieces K-Power DM4000 Servo
  • • Without batterys
  • • 2x TT1530/465 Top Tuning 6500 mAh LiPo battery 4S, 14,8V 80C
  • • 2 x TT1530/4100 Top Tuning 10000 mAh LiPo battery 4S, 14,8V 25C
Program Box
  • • Without Program Box
  • • y1539 Leopard Hobby Multifunction LED Professional Program Box
Safety Bag
  • • Without Safety Bag
  • • 1 x TT1499 Top Tuning Safety Bag for LiPo batteries
  • • 2 x TT1499 Top Tuning Safety Bag for LiPo batteries
  • • Without charger
  • • Imax B6-TWINS Charger
  • • Imax B6AC universal charger 12V / 220 V / 50 W (not within the EU)
  • • y1507 V2 HT206AC/DC Duo 2 professional 400W charger
  • • Without brake
  • • y1565 Losi mechanical brake for 5ive-B/5ive-T 2.0 brushless
  • • With standard wheels
  • • y1463/01 MadMax SUPER GRIP 170x60/80 mm
  • • y1405/01 MadMax TARMAC BUSTER 170x60/80 mm
  • • y1406/01 MadMax BIG DIGGER 170x60/80 mm
  • • y1407/01 MadMax CROSS BOND 170x60/80 mm
  • • y1408/01 MadMax OVER LANDER 170x60/80 mm
  • • y1409/01 GIANT- GRIP 190x70 mm
  • • y1417/02 GPM-Ultragrip 170x60/80 mm
  • • y1446/01 MadMax MAXI PIN tires
Body shell
  • • Clear body shell
  • • Team body shell painting black/yellow/silver
  • • 5-Beast painting multi color
Car bag
  • • Without Car bag
  • • With y0558 HT Car Bag XXL
  • • Without mounting
  • • The car will be delivered complete mounted
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