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FG Sportsline with Audi RS5 body shell, 530 mm Wheelbase

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Available from stock
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The Sportsline quality at a reasonable price for beginners. For rookies and all those who simply just want to have fun and drive a DTM Audi, Mercedes or a fast Porsche. The Sportsline series is ideal for car modellers whose main focus is not just the chassis, but rather the combination of chassis and body shell.

Technical description:
The model has a 535 wheelbase. The models are built on a 4mm alloy chassis with double wishbones at front and rear axle. All borings of the alloy chassis are countersunk to prevent the screw heads from bearing out. The models are serial equipped with the 2-damper front axle which guarantees an optimal traction of both front wheels. At the front/rear axle you can adjust through track rods or adjusting screws with right-/left-handed thread the king pin angle, trailing effect and toe-in. Further equipment points are front disk brakes, differential gear, easy-running FG ball drive, alloy brake calliper with big brake disk, stabilizer bar front and rear, tuned pipe muffler, Evo gas tank, rear brace, 24T steel pinion, spark plug cap suppression cover, latest version (Evo) oil-pressure shock absorbers with volume control and external adjusting ring for the initial spring preload. All rotating parts as shafts, axles and clutch bells a.s.o. are supported by ball bearings.

You can select the car with complete RTR-equipment from the options menu.

? RTR ?

RTR = Ready to Run. The RTR version comes ready to use with the 2,4 GHz rc-system already installed.

  • Transmitter: T2M 2,4 GHz
  • Receiver: T2M
  • High power servo for throttle and brake
  • Largescale servo for steering
  • Tx-battery, rx-battery

The body shell has four 9mm diameter holes provided by the body shell's manufacturer, which are not suitable for FG models.

The models are equipped with a powerful 23ccm combustion engine. The engine needs a 2-stroke petrol oil mixture. One tank filling gives you about 45 minutes driving fun. The power is transmitted over the well-tried system: from the engine over the 2-block clutch over radial tooth wheels on to the rear axle which is equipped with the bevel differential gear with pluggable axles. RC-plate with receiver box.
To complete the models all merchantable servos and radio control systems are suitable.

The RTR version comes with complete factory installed rc-system, including Ni-Cads! The Porsche 911 is currently only available in a painted version with mirrors and rear spoiler.

  • Length: 920 mm
  • Width: 410 mm
  • Height: approx. 250 mm
  • Wheelbase: 535 mm

The car comes with an unpainted body shell!

The build story of the FG Sportsline "HT editition" 1/5 2WD (PDF with approx 22 MB) also describes the following option parts:

Part:Order no.Page:
Alloy Frontaxle 1/5y104813 - 25
Alloy Front uprightsy093222 - 24
Alloy Rear suspension 1/5y099126 - 55
Alloy Rear uprightsy066946 - 47
Alloy Engine mount 1/5y065456 - 61
Alloy Riser plates for reary0447850 - 52
Alloy Gear plate 1/5747462 - 65
Alloy Brake caliper 1/57040/0162
Alloy Universal Radio plate 1/5y011269 - 79
Mecatech Expert Hydraulic brakesy112980 - 96
Airbox for 1/5 models9468106 - 109
Edge trimy0022119 - 122
Our thanks goes to our customer Mr. Oliver Diercks.

Body shell
  • • With painted Porsche 911 Karosserie
  • • Without Bodyshell
  • • Without RTR
  • • With FG RTR equipment
  • • Without charger
  • • LOSB 9642 Global AC 6V Charger 5T
  • • DYNC2010EU Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC DC Charger
  • • Imax B6AC universal charger 12V / 220 V / 50 W
  • • y1507 HT206AC/DC Duo 2 professional 400W charger
  • • Original Chung Yang 23 cm³ engine
  • • Original Chung Yang 26 cm³ engine
  • • Zenoah G230
  • • Zenoah G240
  • • Zenoah G260
  • • Zenoah G270
  • • Zenoah G290
  • • Zenoah G320
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G230 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G240 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G260 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G270 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G290 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G320 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G230
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G240
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G260
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G270
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G290
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G320
  • • Selection: Without Engine
Tire mounting
  • • Without tire mounting
  • • Glued tires
Alloy gear plate
  • • Original Plastic gear plate
  • • Alloy gear plate
Front uprights
  • • Original front uprights (Plastic)
  • • Alloy front uprights
Rear uprights
  • • Original rear uprights (plastic)
  • • y0669 Rear alloy uprights
  • • Original FG-Sportsline standard with plastic housing
  • • 8485/05 Alloy differential adjustable
  • • 8500/05 Alloy differential self-locking double
  • • 8501/05 Alloy differential self-locking fourfold
  • • 8604 Viscous differential
  • • y8605/01 Powerlock Black Edition – differential version 2016
  • • Without y0550 HT Car Bag for 1/5 scale cars
  • • With y0550 HT Car Bag for 1/5 scale cars
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