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FG Monster Truck 2WD Offer 09/19

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Available from stock
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Monster Trucks are very popular in the USA. They are used for races as well as for shows. There they drive over a row of old cars or even jump over them. Make the same experience with the FG Monster Trucks at scale 1:6. The effective rear drive gives the model an excellent driving performance on rough ground. The big tires go over every obstacle easily.

The Monster Trucks are built on the base of the 1:6 Off-Road Buggy Marder. You can convert your 1:6 Marder, Beetle or Pajero at any time.

The 1:6 Monster Truck models are built on the chassis of the 1:6 scale models Marder/ Beetle. The chassis parts are mounted on a 4 mm angled alloy plate. All borings on the bottom side are countersunk in order to prevent the screw heads from bearing out. At the front axle you have the possibility to adjust toe-in or toe-out through track rods with right-/ left-handed thread. Special edition with eight shocks!

You can select the car with complete RTR-equipment from the options menu.

? RTR ?

RTR = Ready to Run. The RTR version comes ready to use with the 2,4 GHz rc-system already installed.

  • Transmitter: T2M 2,4 GHz
  • Receiver: T2M
  • High power servo for throttle and brake
  • Largescale servo for steering
  • Tx-battery, rx-battery

At the rear axle you can adjust king pin angle and toe-in by adjusting screws with right-/left-handed thread. 8 oil-pressure shock absorbers are mounted at the lower double wishbones of front and rear axle which can absorb also heavier bumps to a great extent and ensure an optimal wheel grip. All rotating parts are supported by ball bearings.

Rear gearwheels, differential gears as well as driving elements are case-hardened. The two-piece body is manufactured in transparent polycarbonate. The chromed rims are in one piece for weight reasons. The tires have a fabric insert in order to prevent a tire extension to a large degree according to centrifugal force at increasing rpm.

The models are equipped with a powerful 26 cm³ combustion engine. It needs an ordinary 2-stroke petrol oil mixture (available at every petrol station). One tank filling of 0,7 litres gives you about 45 minutes driving fun. According to the integrated pull start system the engine can be started without any problems.

The colored body shells are made of colored Lexan, not painted!

The pictures may display the car with some optional items which are not included, like bed-mounted rollbar, lights, front bumper or mirrors. These items can be added in the drop down menus. Without selecting these options the body shell includes only the decal sheet for decoration.

  • Lenght: 710 mm
  • Widht: 510 mm
  • Height: 390 mm
  • Wheelbase: 470 mm

You can select the car with complete RTR-equipment from the options menu.

? RTR ?

RTR = Ready to Run. The RTR version comes ready to use with the 2,4 GHz rc-system already installed.

  • Transmitter: Robitronic TL-3C 2,4 GHz
  • Receiver: XY3000
  • High power servo for throttle and brake
  • Largescale servo for steering
  • Tx-battery, rx-battery

Decal set
  • • No decals
  • • With decals FG no. 20155
  • • With decals FG no. 6195
Bed bar
  • • No bed bar
  • • With bed bar
Body shell color
  • • Clear
  • • Yellow
  • • White
  • • Without RTR
  • • With FG RTR equipment
  • • Original FG Chung-Yang 26 cm³
  • • Zenoah G260
  • • Zenoah G270
  • • Zenoah G290
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G260 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC Zenoah G290 Expert
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G260
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah G290
  • • SPEED TEC CRANK Zenoah 30,5
  • • Selection: Without Engine
  • • Without charger
  • • LOSB 9642 Global AC 6V Charger
  • • DYNC2010EU Dynamite Prophet Sport Plus 50W AC DC Charger
  • • Imax B6AC universal charger 12V / 220 V / 50 W (not within the EU)
  • • y1507 V2 HT206AC/DC Duo 2 professional 400W charger
Rear ball drive shaft
  • • Original drive shafts
  • • Ball drive (complete mounted)
  • • Original FG tires
  • • y1462/01 Super Grip
  • • y1400/01 Tarmac Buster
  • • y1401/01 Big Digger
  • • y1402/01 Cross Bond
  • • y1403/01 Over Lander
  • • y1404/01 Giant Grip
  • • y1416/01 Ultragrip
  • • y1445/01 Maxi Pin
Tire mounting
  • • Without tire mounting
  • • Complete mounted tires
Alloy gear plate
  • • Without alloy gear plate and brake caliper
  • • With alloy gear plate and brake caliper
Front uprights
  • • Original front uprights (Plastic)
  • • Front uprights alloy
Rear uprights
  • • Original rear uprights (plastic)
  • • Alloy rear uprights
Front suspension
  • • Original front suspension (plastic)
  • • Alloy front suspension
Rear suspension
  • • Original rear suspension (plastic)
  • • Alloy rear suspension
  • • Original brake
  • • Crosshydro hydraulic with pedestal
  • • Original muffler
  • • FG tuned pipe 6299
  • • Samba 4110 tuned pipe
Wheelie-Bar with suspension
  • • Without Wheelie-Bar
  • • With Wheelie-Bar
Car bag
  • • Without y0551 HT Car Bag for 1/6 scale cars
  • • With y0551 HT Car Bag for 1/6 scale cars
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Hey, I would have a question about the drive concept of this FG model. Is a center diff available? Is a propshaft or timing belt installed?
Answer: Hello Alex, it is a front axle and rear axle mounted differential. The drive runs over a toothed belt. In the part scout you will find the model completely dissected in pictures. Below is the link to the Teilescout:[LINK] If you have any questions, we are happy to help tel. continue on 02151/820200. Best regards, Bj?rn Mertens
(Automatically translated)
Which shock absorber? I take the best
Answer: the series filling by manufacturer FG in the original shock absorbers: front 1.000der- and rear 1.500derter silicone oil.[LINK] and that actually works quite well!
(Automatically translated)


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