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RC - Paint Lexan special colors, spraycan buy 3 cans get 1 spray gun for free

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8,63 EUR / 100 ml
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Available from stock
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Regular price for one can: 12,95 EUR

Our offer: For every 3 cans purchased you will get one y1481 RC-Paint Spray Gun for free.

Fits most spray cans from many manufacturers.

Convert your spray can into a spray gun. The long-lever system of this handle makes using a spray can much more convenient and provides better flow rate control as well.

No more dirty hands from paint work.

Genuine HT spare/option part.

RC - Paint is a special paint for lacquering RC-Car Lexan (Polycarbonate) body shells.

The ultra-fine mist provides optimal coverage! Through an optimized atomizer valve an outstanding painting result is guaranteed.

The content of the can is 150ml and suffices - depending on the intensity of the painting, - for one 1/8 or two 1/10 body shells. Two to three cans are needed for a 1/5 or 1/6 body shell.

RC-Paint Lexan color is produced in a particularly environmentally friendly.
The composition of colors (color pigments) was placed on the lowest possible heavy metal content and the best possible environmental compatibility of the solvent and propellent gas value.

  • 1 piece / 150 ml

Painting tips:

  • • RC 0940 - Chrome
  • • RC 0942 - Vario Saphir
  • • RC 0924 - Brilliant silver
  • • RC 0943 - Paint Varnish
more ...
RC 0924 Brilliant silver is a special clear paint with metallic flakes, you will have to paint this color at first and then you can spray the standard color (RC 0019 to RC 00945) behind to get the special metallic finish.

RC 0940 Chrome
is an RC-Paint Lexan lacquer with that you can get a great chrome effect, on wich you can really reflect if you are doing it right. But the gods of lacquering are saying: No sweet without sweat ;-)

This is a very challenging painting job, but whereby the result is worth the effort.
  • Do only work at a temperature of + / - 20°C
  • Spray approximately 15 very thin layers with intervals of 2 minutes.
  • Afterwards apply aproximatly 8 (!) extremly thin layers of the RC-Paint window paint (RC 0419) from a distance of approx. 30 cm as a protective lacquer.
  • Finally the most important: Do not whet the area you want to paint with RC 0940 chrome. Clean it well, but without making any scratches!
  • If you make a handling mistake you will get matte spots on the body shell :(

We wish you a lot of success. The gods of lacquering make smile on you!

RC 0941 Vario Jade and RC 0942 Vario Saphir must be painted with black at the end, then you will get a variable 3D effect. With RC Paint RC 0941, Vario Jade, you will you will get a deep green and with RC Paint 0942, Vario Saphir, a deep blue effect.

RC 0943 Paint Varnish is no color in the usual sense, but a contact medium to hard copy documents, writings or images on the inside of the body to apply. Then it can be painted with RC Paint. Here you will find illustrated instructions


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