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Chesterton 787 Sliding Paste, 50 ml

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19,80 EUR / 100 ml
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Wide neck flask with 50 ml.

The "work of the devil!" The smell is normal!

Among others this lubricant is suitable for the following model car applications:
  • Drive shafts (if covered with boots)
  • Transmission in enclosed housings (i.g. ring & pinion gears in Losi 5ive-T or Desert Buggy XL)
  • Differentials which do not use friction pads

Chesterton® 787 Sliding Paste is a premium quality pure synthetic lubricant that will function effectively even at ultra high temperatures and pressures. Designed for the most severe operating conditions, it provides, through a novel chemical approach, lubrication at pressures up to 10687 kg/cm2 and 538°C.

787 Sliding Paste is a unique thixotropic hybrid lubricant. Consisting of a semi-soft paste-like material, this product will flow to fill in small tolerances, yet will keep metal parts separated by the microscopic, symmetric, plates which slide over each other and provide effective lubrication long after the clean synthetic base oil has burned off.

Applications for Chesterton 787 Sliding Paste can be found anywhere a need exists for a clinging semi-solid lubricant that will resist water washout and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. Unlike a grease which can turn to liquid and fail under extremely high loads and temperatures, 787 will maintain a slippery film on surfaces and prevent wear, galling and seizure at temperatures unthinkable for a grease.

Use in such high temperature applications as lubrication of welding equipment, steel production facilities, smelting factories, forging furnaces, metal casting foundries, around exhaust stacks in power stations, turbine exhaust areas, and any other area exposed to extreme conditions. Because of its excellent resistance to water washout, the product works extremely well in outdoor applications such as on railroad switching equipment and wire rope cables.

Chesterton 787 Sliding Paste is a unique hybrid material that suits the requirements of today’s hotter running equipment. It consists of a combination of both organic and inorganic lubricating components and will perform effectively at temperatures ranging from -23°C to 538°C. The geometry of the solid constituents in 787 Sliding Paste is such that they slide over one another and remain undistorted even at the highest pressures parts and equipment are likely to see. The symmetry of the particles means they can withstand extra stresses compared to some inorganic materials which can shatter under extreme loads. The base oil used in Chesterton 787 Sliding Paste is a pure synthetic that will burn cleanly and leave no carbon or varnish to gum up parts and equipment. Because it contains no petroleum oils, it does not present the clean-up problems associated with waste petroleum residues.

  • Pure Non-Carbonizing, Synthetic Base n Lubricates at pressures to 10687 kg/cm n Withstands Temperatures to 538°C
  • Excellent Water Washout Resistance n Non-Fling, Clinging Lubricant
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • NSF H2 - Registration number 133956 n No Toxic Heavy Metals
  • Ultra-Fine Particles
  • Unique 3 Phase Lubrication Package

Use in areas subject to extremes in temperature including smelting, forging, metal refining, glass manufacturing, plastics production, and in chemical, petrochemical and power plants, in foundries, around exhaust stacks, on rotary kilns in the cement and mining industry, etc. 787 is specifically designed to provide lubrication for surfaces subjected to extreme pressure. This would include wire ropes, cranes, railroad switch gear, and on large open gears on doors and bridges.

  • Stem nuts, Lead screws, and Linear actuators
  • Flange bolts and High tension studs n Press fit bushings

Brush or pump 787 Sliding Paste into areas needing to be lubricated. Product can be applied by squirt oiler. Spread evenly to thoroughly lubricate all parts and equipment which will see friction.

Before using this product, please review the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or appropriate safety data sheet for your area.


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