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BWS 5B 2.0, 4WD 1/5 Racing Buggy, with 29 cm³ engine
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Delivery time approx. 14 day(s)
Delivery time approx.14 day(s)

The BWS 5B 2.0 4WD with 29cc engine and tuned pipe system with silencer holds all qualifications for the successful use of the model in the 1/5 RC car racing scene.

At first glance, the design of the BWS 5B 2.0 4WD shows a similarity to the Losi 5ive-B, which is now discontinued. In fact, some parts are compatible.

However, the entire center section of the car is designed differently in order to counteract the known weak point of the 5ive-B, its tendency to overheat the engine. At the same time, the center of gravity of the vehicle was shifted slightly towards the rear.

Due to the motor installation rotated by 180 °, the hot resonance tube is no longer in front of the intake openings of the cooling fan. The clutch as another heat source is also now in the back of the vehicle.
The design of the air filter is similar to that of an airbox with a foam filter, as is known from the on-road race cars. Cool air is inhaled further at the front of the car.
Various ventilation openings in body shell and side panels aid to heat dissipation.

A strong roll cage protects the engine and at the same time supports the body shell in case of a rollover.
The center drivetrain has an intermediate shaft bracket made of aluminum and features ball drives in two places.
The double disc brake uses metal discs and brake plates with lining material.

All gears of the vehicle are made of high quality steel.
As with the 5ive series, no grub screws but drive pins with locking rings are used for power transmission.

Of course, extensive instructions in German and English are included. In addition, an accessory set with a fuel mixing canister with funnel and various tools.

To operate the model you still need:

  • Remote control with transmitter and receiver
  • Steering and throttle/brake servo
  • Receiver battery and switch cable
The RTR equipment is in our shop selection also available fully assembled!

Technical data

  • Dimensions:800 mm x 450 mm x 315 mm
  • Wheel base :560 mm
  • Tread width:375 mm(F)/370 mm(R)
  • Engine: 29cc 4bolt engine, Walbro carb, also available with a Zenoah G320 in our shop selection!
  • Exhaust steel tuned pipe, silenced
  • Fuel tank:700 cc
  • Drive mode:4WD, 2 differentials
  • Tires:185 mm x 75 mm speedway tire
  • Rims: beadlock, 24 mm hex drive
  • Shock absorber:adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers with 7 mm shock shaft
  • Chassis:5 mm 6061T6 aluminum
  • Shock towers:7075T6 aluminum
  • Shell:5B buggy, clear. Also available painted in our shop selection


Airbox with 2-layer foam air filter inhales cold air at the front of the vehicle, heat sources like exhaust and clutch are positioned in the rear.

Protection for the engine

The intake openings of the starter are also far in front. A solid cover protects the spark plug and at the same time supports the body shell in the roof area. The top side is rubberized for this purpose.

High quality brake

Metal brake discs and brake pads with lining material.

Tuned pipe

Tuned pipe made of steel with removable silencer, very well protected installation. The silencer can be removed and opened for cleaning purposes.

Mounting block with ball bearings

CNC machined intermediate shaft mounting block with dual ball bearings

Ball drive

Ball drives on center driveshafts.

Center drivetrain

Layout of the center drivetrain.

Compatible with Losi 5ive-B

  • Wheel shaft
  • Wheels
  • Spindles front
  • C-hubs
  • Rear uprights
  • Wheel hex
  • Wheel nut
  • Front diff complete
  • Rear diff complete
  • Clutch bell holder
  • Clutch bell
  • Clutch bell pinion
  • Ball bearings
  • Shocks


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