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ARA5210B/S ARRMA 1/5 OUTCAST 4WD Spektrum EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck, Black RTR incl. driving Batterys, Battery Bags and Charger

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Available from stock
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Just charge the batteries and you're good to go!

Complete set inclusive:
  • 1 x Duo Charger HT T240 für 2x120 W (2x6S)
  • 2 x TopTuning LiPo Batterys 4S 5000mAh
  • 2 x TopTuning Battery Bag
  • 2 x Charging Cable with EC5 connector

Complete set with a total value of 1,631.63 Euro at a price of 1.498,- Euro.

This is ARRMA® bashing performance at its biggest and best! The 1/5 OUTCAST™ 4WD EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck is the perfect platform for blasting over rough terrain and performing flips and tricks with ease.

Extreme Bash option parts different from the standard ARRMA OUTCAST 8S version:

  • ARA320614 EXB chassis plate
  • ARA320615 EXB struts mounting block red anodized aluminum
  • ARA409008 EXB Body shell painted glossy and matte black

Stabilizer parts in Outcast EXB series:

Reinforced tie rods and camber rod:

Reinforced shock absorbers and piston rods:

  • ARA709054 Washer 20x24x0,2mm
  • ARA724408 Screw M4x8mm

The aforementioned option parts of the OUTCAST EXtreme have a total price of over 700 Euro compared to the standard equipment (without Motor, ESC and RTR)!

TT5692/980 Top Tuning Brushless Motor 980 kV


  • Max. amps: 172 A
  • Max. voltage: 30 V
  • Max. power: 5,200 W
  • KV (RPM/Volt): 980 KV
  • Mounting hole depth: 8 mm
  • Bolt pattern: 4 x M4 at 30 mm pitch circle diameter
  • Case diameter: 57.8 mm
  • Case length: 92 mm
  • Free shaft length: 30 mm
  • Shaft diameter: 8 mm
  • Weight: 980 g
  • Connector: 6.5 mm diameter
  • Cable size: 8AWG

SPMXSE1160 Spektrum Firma 160 Amp Brushless Smart ESC 3S-8S (as with Losi DBXL-E equipment)


  • Smart all-in-one telemetry
  • Fast, powerful 32-bit ARM M4 processor
  • Waterproof
  • Multiple options for easy programming:
    • Button programming
    • Smart ESC Programming Box
    • SmartLink USB Updating and Programmer application
  • Multi-point protection:
    • Over-current protection
    • Automatic LiPo low-voltage cutoff
    • Thermal protection
    • Failsafe protection
  • Developed and designed by Spektrum™ engineers, in partnership with the industry's leading ESC manufacturer

RTR Equiment

radio control:

  • Reflex Wheel Pro III 2.4 GHz BEC


  • y2006 Top Tuning Digital pro servo 40 kg
    • Classification: large scale servo
    • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 59.5 x 29.2 x 55.2 mm
    • Operating voltage: 6 volts / 7.4 volts
    • Torque: (Ncm): 380/400
    • Speed (sec / 60 °): 0.20 / 0.18
    • Number of ball bearings: 2
    • Servo gear: metal gears
    • Seals: 3 (splash-protected)
    • Silicone cable: with universal plug, 300 mm long
    • Weight: 146 grams
    • Brass output shaft 17T spline


  • EXB 7075 T6 5mm thick CNC aluminum laser-etched chassis plate
  • EXB Red-anodized CNC aluminum front brace mount
  • EXB Matte and gloss effect body
  • Heavy-duty 8mm thick steel rear turnbuckles
  • Heavy-duty 7mm thick steel steering turnbuckles
  • Oil-filled adjustable 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts and new plush shock tuning
  • Heavy-duty servo saver springs
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Red-anodized aluminum 49 and 56 series motor plates
  • dBoots® Back-Flip tires
  • 47T and optional 39T Spur Gear
  • Servo mounts for 1/5 and 1/6 servos
  • Wheelie bar
  • Front bumper with impact-absorbing design
  • Easy-access 3-bolt sliding motor mount for quick motor removal
  • Ultra-thick composite front and rear shock towers
  • Black anodized aluminum rear lower chassis brace
  • Multi-structured center brace system for maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty drivetrain
  • Easy-access front and rear diff module design
  • All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
  • Durable steel driveshafts
  • Durable wheel hubs for increased strength
  • Easy-access waterproof electronics module
  • Center body support and brace for maximum durability
  • Strong composite chassis side pods
  • 2-year warranty (see website support for details)

Equipped right out of the box with a premium package of EXtreme Bash (EXB) parts and options, the 1/5 OUTCAST™ 4WD EXB Stunt Truck Roller is the top-of-the-line ARRMA® large-scale stunt vehicle. It has extra toughness everywhere it counts. Components receiving the EXB treatment include the 5mm thick EXB 7075 T6 CNC aluminum laser-etched chassis plate; EXB red-anodized CNC aluminum front brace mount; and exclusive EXB matte and gloss effect finished body for a look unlike any other vehicle.

With adjustable, oil-filled, 20mm bore shocks on ultra-thick composite towers soaking up the bumps, the 1/5 OUTCAST™ 4WD EXB Stunt Truck blasts over dirt, asphalt, and grass — all terrain and all conditions. Long-lasting dBoots® Back-Flip tires on multi-spoke wheels with durable hubs add all-terrain traction. Everything in the durable design contributes to confident control and responsive handling.

A center body support, aluminum center braces and composite chassis side pods add more strength. All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals, plus durable steel driveshafts, provide a reliable, heavy-duty drivetrain that holds up to demanding stunts and brutal terrain.

ARRMA® engineering also cuts your maintenance time to the minimum. The 1/5 OUTCAST™ 4WD EXB Stunt Truck has an efficient, driver-friendly design, with easy-access front and rear diff modules and a sliding mount for fast, hassle-free motor access. The easy-access, molded electronics module contains a waterproof receiver box, servo mount and ESC tray, and is ready to protect your choice of electronics from dirt and moisture.

It all adds up to make the 1/5 OUTCAST™ 4WD EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck more than just massive and powerful. It's the ultimate ARRMA® stunt bash machine for the ultimate large-scale experience.

EXB (EXtreme Bash) Components

EXB-hardened components throughout its fully assembled chassis give the 1/5 scale ARRMA® OUTCAST™ EXtreme Bash Stunt Truck Roller virtually unstoppable strength.

Steel Turnbuckles

Heavy-duty components including the 8mm thick steel rear turnbuckles and 7mm thick steel steering turnbuckles enable the 1/5 scale OUTCAST™ EXB to withstand extreme off-road bashing.

Oil-Filled Shocks

Mounted on ultra-thick composite front and rear towers and featuring new plush shock tuning, the adjustable, oil-filled, 20mm bore shocks with 6mm thick shock shafts easily soak up bumps.

High-Traction dBoots® Tires

Long-lasting dBoots® Back-Flip tires on multi-spoke wheels with durable hubs deliver all-terrain traction — and add an aggressive edge to the EXB matte and gloss effect finished truck body.

Quick Motor Access

ARRMA® holds your maintenance downtime to the minimum with an efficient, driver-friendly design. For example, the easy-access, 3-bolt sliding motor mount allows quick motor removal.

Electronics Module

The easy-access, molded electronics module screwed to the chassis contains a waterproof receiver box, servo mount and ESC tray — ready to protect your electronics from dirt and moisture.

Multi-Structured Center Brace System

Made of rugged anodized 7075 T6 aluminum, the laser-etched 5mm chassis plate includes strong composite chassis side pods and a center body support and brace for maximum durability.

Durable Metal Construction

Durable steel driveshafts plus all-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals keep the heavy-duty 4-wheel drivetrain rolling over punishing tracks. An EXB-toughened suspension system smooths the ride.

Car bag
  • • Without Car bag
  • • With y0558 HT Car Bag XXL
Car Stand
  • • Without Car Stand
  • • TT1030 Top Tuning CAR-STAND for 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10
more ...


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