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Some off-road tires knowledge

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As in "full-size motorsport," tire choice is crucial, even with the RC cars.
With the "wrong" tires, it just doesn’t make fun! No Grip or -sometimes even worse - too much grip at the "wrong" axle ensures that driving literally falls by the wayside!

Massive oversteer, which means the car turns in more than according to the driver’s command (or even worse when the car is not able to keep a straight line) or understeer, where the car turns in less than according to the driver’s command, can spoil the joy of RC cars.

This can be influenced with various suspension settings, but the single most effective factor is the "right" choice of tires.

Additionally, the personal preferences must be taken into account. Some drivers prefer a car with a slight tendency for oversteer and others prefer a car with a slight tendency for understeer. It’s the dose that makes the poison.

Usually the second option is recommended especially for the not so experienced driver.

For off-road cars tire choice is even more difficult than for street cars!

As a good starting point you narrow your choice depending on the track’s surface such as tarmac, carpet / turf (nowadays common on many off-road race tracks), compacted and smooth clay soil, loose topsoil, grass and sand. Many times the track provides a mix of surfaces and you have to find an acceptable compromise!

As a general rule, just like with street tires, a softer compound increases traction while staying with the same tread design.

Custom trimming of the tire tread is very important with off-road tires. A deep gnarly tread usually gives good propulsion which is great most of the time. But, depending on the terrain, it can be very annoying when big strong lugs on the tire’s shoulder, provide so much grip in turns that the car traction rolls; and according to Murphy’s comes to a rest on the roof like a turtle on its back.

This tendency for traction rolls can be greatly influenced by cutting or trimming the outer lugs. And especially with the front tires.
A good, sharp diagonal cutter or good curved and strong sharp scissors can be very helpful.

There are also surfaces like loose sand, or even a hard clay soil, where a coarse tread, which due to the nature of the terrain, does not lead to traction rolls is useful for propulsion and traction during turns. Therefore cutting or trimming the outside of the tread is no panacea.

The strength of the rim is also very important. The more aggressive the tire tread; the bigger the load on the rim and especially the wheel drive socket, placing high demands on the impact resistance of the outer ring and the beadlock. The MadMax Extreme rim meets these requirements 100%! There is no more durable rim!

The following table of MadMax tires should make it easier to chose the "right" tire:

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