Kompatibilitätsliste DBXL-E zu DBXL
Numbers DBXL Description Numbers DBXL Compatible
DYNS1665 Brushless motor - ---
DYNS2661 ESC - ---
Body shell LOS25006
(Cockpit: ---)
LOS250019 LED Light Bar - X
LOS251045 Wing mount - Only in combination
with DBXL-E cage
LOS251046 Rear wing -
LOS251047 Battery tray - ---
LOS251048 Battery strap - ---
LOS251049 Bell crank / top plate - ---
LOS251050 Chassis plate LOS251009 ---
LOS251051 Side guards LOS251010 X
LOS251052 Center link LOS251014 X
LOS251053 Roll cage, flip LOS251007 ---
LOS252056 Center driveshaft LOS252019 ---
LOS252057 Center driveshaft LOS252021 ---
LOS252058 Motor mount - ---
LOS252059 Center diff mounts LOS251022 ---
LOS252060 ESC tray - ---
LOS252061 Spur gear LOS252015 ---
LOS252064 Motor pinion 13T - X
LOS252066 Diff housing, aluminium - X
LOS252067 Diff rebuild kitt LOS252009 ---
LOS252068 Ring and pinion LOS252008 X
LOS253020 Shock rebuild kit LOS253007L X
LOS45015 Rims LOS45005 Nur in Kombination
LOS45017 Tires LOS45006
LOS4518 Inserts

x = compatible in combination / under certain circumstances - = not compatible All other DBXL and DBXL-E parts are the same.