Installation instructions for Mecatech Expert hydraulic brake y1129 in an 1/6 FG buggy or monster truck car, front or rear.

You must use a special pedestal for the master brake cylinder for installation.

Receiver battery and box will be mounted directly to the chassis plate, we recommend installation kit y1132 in combination with a special rx-battery.

Recommended parts for installation:

Pedestal for master brake cylinder (not fits Leopard 2)9438/01

Aluminum front uprights 2WD y0932

Aluminum front uprights 4WD y68413

Aluminum rear uprights 2WD/4WD y6479

RX-installation kit y1132

Your choice of one ofthe following rx-batteries: 5000 mAh y0675 or rx-batteries 2700 mAh 6543/01

Buggy cars will need longer wheel shafts andadditional square drives for the front

2x wheel shaft 8466
1x square drives y6107

We generally recommend the use of aluminum uprights with in-wheel brakes.

You will have to drill and countersink new holes into the chassis plate for installation of master brake cylinder, rx-battery and rx-box.

How to fill and bleed the brake system

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