Installation instructions for installation of Mecatech Cross Hydro # 3001 on the layshaft of a FG 1:6 Buggy or Monster Truck

A special pedestal for the master cylinder is always required for installation.

The battery and the receiver box must be mounted directly to the chassis plate: we recommend the use of kit y1132 for installation in combination with a special receiver battery.

Recommended accessories for installation:

Mounting pedestal for brake master cylinder y0989 at 19.90 Euro

RC installation kit y y1132 at 13.90 Euro

Receiver battery 5400 mAh FG connector y0675 at 59.90 Euro
or receiver battery 5400 mAh UNI plug y0675 at 58,90 Euro
or receiver battery 2700 mAh FG connector 6543/01 at 46.10 Euro

Drilling new countersunk mounting holes for the brake master cylinder and the battery / rx-box attachment is required.
The gear plate must be modified as illustrated by sawing and filing to provide clearance for the brake caliper.

How to fill the brake system

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