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Preparation and optimal settings for FG Evo, FG Sportsline and C5

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Preparation and optimal settings

Instructions for creating the setup of 1/5 FG touring cars

Before the model is adjusted and measured, it should be ensured that all rotating parts turn easily (ball bearings, ball joints, drive shafts, servo saver ...)

Before setup changes are made, the wheels must be removed and underside of the chassis as well as the surface of the setup plate have to clean.

For drawing up a basic setup the stabilizer bar must be unhooked on one side (disengaging the ball from the sleeve). The same goes for the shock absorbers; or even better: remove them completely.

 Then the adjustement of the rear suspension starts:

1) Setting toe in (with aluminum dial-in wheels)

2) Camber adjustment (aluminum dial-in wheels)

3) Suspension droop (chassis is flat on the board), measure the outer threaded section downwards with calipers

4) Adjust stabilizer bar stiffness only Evo
5) Adjust stabilizer play only Evo

6) Re-install shock absorbers

1-3° toe in

-2.5° camber

Droop 46 mm

Green Feldmann cask springs y0488

Shock oil
 and Sportsline 6000Stabilizer bar 50%, Sportsline 4mm Stabilizer

Shock tower top (# 1075) central hole (out of 5) only Evo

Triangle bottom second hole from the top (# 1072/04) only Evo

Upright extension put 1 conical spacer + 1 washer underneath only Evo

Wheelbase - knuckle medium

backed down evenly with 1 conical spacer
Upper a-arm upper hole in differential bearing carrier only Evo

Open diff (2-fold, 4-fold or Powerlock)

Ride height 8 mm

 The same steps have to be performed at the front suspension.

 However, make sure that the wheels are aligned perfectly straight (servo saver)!

Droop 51mm measured at the thread of the axle shaft

Blue Feldmann spring y0501

Shock oil 7000 and Sportsline 9000

1° camber (positive)

Stabilizer bar 90% hard

Upper shock tower center hole

Lower triangle bottom hole

Axial knuckle flipped (2 holes facing down), bottom side with 2 conical spacers, 1 conical spacer on top
Ride only Evo
height 7 mm 
Toe out 5-8 mm open

Caster 2 mm behind upper a-arm

 At the end of the settings install the actual wheels for driving and adjust ride height. (Droop gauge recommended)

Tire recommendation parking lot: PMT Supreme, rear H05 oder X3, front H10 or H07 or used X3 or H05

Tire recommendation track: PMT Supreme, rear X3 or X5, front H10 or used X3 or H05

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Sascha Gernoth wrote on 11.10.2021 - 16:36 o'clock

ich habe eine Frage zu diesem Setup.
Warum wird vorne eine härtere Einstellung der Dämpfer gewählt?
Ich fahre einen FG Sportsline 2WD und der schiebt mit Seriensetup stark über die Vorderräder. Rundherum PMT Supreme Soft.
Wenn ich jetzt vorne härteres Öl in die Dämpfer fülle, habe ich dann nicht noch weniger Griff?

Vielen Dank und Gruß

S. Gernoth

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