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Tipps & Tricks

Initial operation of the engine

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We deliver our 1:5 On-Road and 1:6 Truck models with standard air filter including factory oiled filter insert. This filter is sufficient for the use on tracks with low formation of dust. To be on the safe side we recommend to change or rather clean the foam filter inserts and oil them with the filter oil y0284. According to the higher formation of dust we standard equipped the 1:6 Off-Road models with the FG Off-Road inlet air filter with oiled filter insert. Corresponding to the formation of dust you have to clean and oil the filter inserts of these Off-Road filters, too.
Filter cleaner, see y0523..

1. Fuel
For the correct fuel mixture we recommend to use Super Plus fuel together with a high-quality 2stroke oil like Motul 800 racing oil. The mix ratio of the fuel ought to be around 1:25. Do not store fuel mixtures longer than 4-6 weeks as afterwards certain components of the mixture may decompose. This could cause a reduction of the lubricating effect which results in higher wear and less power. First fill the oil into the canister, then the fuel.
Mix ratio 1:25: 1Liter Super Plus - 40ml oil / 5Liter Super Plus - 200ml oil

2. Initial operation of the engine
Before each starting up of the engine check the air filter on dirt and correct and firm seating. Test the engine for leaks at manifold, cylinder foot and carburetor-insulator area. Should the engine be slightly greasy or damp we recommend to replace the gasket. The basic adjustment of the engine is preset by the factory.

3. Starting the cold engine
Close the carburetor throttle valve and bring it into neutral position. Now shut the choke flap at carburetor or air filter (Zenoah G230/G260RC and Chung Yang). Press the primer pump at the carburetor until it is filled with fuel. Pull the rope starter slowly until you feel the first resistance, then pull bly until the engine ignites audible. Normally the engine will die down again after the initial start. Now open the choke flap and pull the rope starter once again until the engine runs.

4. Starting the warm engine
Keep the choke flap open, press the primer pump until it is filled with fuel and actuate the rope starter. To turn the engine off, press the stop button until the engine stops.

5. Carburetor adjustment
The carburetor adjustment is preset by the factory according to the local conditions. Depending on air filter, exhaust silencer and usage site a correction may be necessary. Operate the engine until it has reached its working temperature. If the engine decelerates a little during the acceleration, then it runs too lean. In this case turn the no-load adjusting screw L (1/8 rotation) anticlockwise. If the engine revs up only slowly stammering and under clouds of smoke, then the engine probably runs with an overrich mixture. In that case turn the no-load adjusting screw L (1/8 rotation) clockwise. In order to adjust the maximum range of speed, lift the rear wheels and operate the engine under hot running conditions shortly at full speed. Now you can turn the full-load adjusting screw H to the left (if the mixture is too lean) or to the right (overrich mixture).
ATTENTION! Operate the engine under no-load conditions only shortly at the maximum speed range. In most cases the no-load adjusting screw has to be readjusted if the adjustments of the engine were modified.

6. Basic adjustment of the carburetor
The declared values are reference values. In some cases a re-adjusting may be necessary. If you have the feeling that the adjusting screws L or H are completely misadjusted, then close both adjusting screws carefully in clockwise direction. Afterwards open both adjusting screws L and H around 1,25 1,5 rotations anticlockwise.

Avoid maximum speed ranges under no-load conditions during the first two tank fillings and with a cold engine, also longer full-speed drives. Before the first operation we also recommend to check the effective radius of the radio control system with running engine. A disturbance through the ignition system is possible. To suppress the interference we recommend to use our shielded spark plug cap Item N. y0081.

Replacement spark plugs, see y07343/08.

Never operate the engine in closed rooms without sufficient ventilation. Further safety instructions are enclosed with the engines.

Setup for the PT-Engine. H-Schraube: 2 bis 2 1/2 Umdrehungen. L-Schraube: 3/4 bis 1 Umdrehung.

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