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How to start a largescale car engines from 23 to 30 cc

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How to start a largescale car engines from 23 to 30 cc:

1. Fill the fuel tank with gas

2. Close the choke!

If you're uncertain you may remove the air filter in order to check whether the choke flap is actually closed!

3. Press the primer pump on the carb a few times until you can see some fuel drops in the ball.

Caution: do not pump until the ball is completely filled!

4. Switch the transmitter on

5. Switch the receiver on

6. Start the engine

Note: once an ignition is recognizable or heard, stop pulling the starter immediately or the engine will become flooded!

7. So when the engine starts to ignite, open the choke now.

8. At this status the engine should come to life at the latest after 5 to 6 pulls on the starter.

Caution: Do not pull for minutes on end – this is useless!

If the engine fails to start:

9. Remove spark plug and check: the tip should be free from significant dark or black deposits. Clean with sandpaper or brush if necessary!

10. Put the car into a position with the open spark plug hole pointing downwards.
Pull the starter a few times to remove accumulated fuel through the spark plug hole...

...and then start again with item 2!

However, to be sure that the spark plug is in working order, it is best to use a new spark plug if available.

Once the engine is running: we wish you a lot of fun with your car!

Your rc-car-online team

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