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Fuel mixture

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Fuel mixture

A high quality oil and premium gas (Super plus) should be used for the mixture. Fully synthetic two stroke oils from go-cart racing (eg Motul), where the engines run under similar conditions, have proven itself in practice.

With a mix ratio of 1:25 you are safe regarding lubrication and engine life.
With a ratio of 1: 50 for example there's only a minor increase in performance but the high risk of overheating the engine and seizing the piston.

Mixing ratio 1:25 (4.00% oil)

* 1 litre of gasoline - 40ml oil
* 5 litres gasoline - 200ml oil

Note: Fill the oil into the can first then add the gasoline!

Storage: fuel/oil mixtures should not be stored for longer than four weeks; after that time certain
components in the mixture start to decompose, thereby reducing lubrication and ignitability.
The consequences are high wear, higher engine temperature and less power!

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Dirk wrote on 20.07.2013 - 11:37 o'clock
Danke, das mit den Zeitraum von 4 Wochen wusste ich ncht.
Also mehr fahren, dadurch mehr Ersatzteile, am meissten Spass macht für mich das Schrauben und die Umbauarbeiten. Gruss aus Hamburg. Dirk

weber oliver wrote on 20.11.2010 - 22:38 o'clock
und genau deswegen springt mein Baja und Zynit nicht an-weil ich das Gemisch so lange stehen lasse,man o man!!
Naja jetzt weiss ich es

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