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Parts comparison FG Sportsline chassis 1/5 and Carson on road chassis 1/5

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Parts comparison FG Sportsline chassis 1/5 and
Carson on road chassis 1/5
FG Art.# description compatible optically identically optically different notes
8348 fuel tank complete with vent lines X X    
6028/1 steering rods r/l 74 mm   X    
6540 rx-box X   X  
6026 linkage M4 X   X Carson r/l threads
6027/5 balljoint 6mm X X    
6027/6 steel ball 6 mm X X    
6075 hinge pin, rear upper X X    
6072/1 a-arm, rear lower, adjustable X   X  
6100/3 turnbuckle 32mm X X   1mm shorter
6423 gear protector (7422) X X    
6051 pucks X X    
6137/1 spacer tubes for gear plate   X   1,5 mm shorter
6049 clutch bell X X    
6041 layshaft X   X  
6481 alloy shock absorber, 2000, lang X   X identically with touring car shock 1/5
7089 shock piston X X  
7088 diaphragm X X  
7094 sleeve nut M16x1 X X  
7095 adjustment ring X X  
7087/2 shock mount, lower, long X X  
7092 spring seat X X  
7087 shock mount, upper   X   larger bore diameter (5mm)
6096 shock absorber mounting bolt X X    
6077/1 upright, rear X X   distance between bores for brake caliper smaller
7050 spur gear carrier < 52 mm X X    
6044 brake disks X X   Carson FG 2,4 mm thickk
6023 servo saver A/B X X    
6027 balljoint 6mm with ball X   X  
6024 servo saver< axle and washer X X    
3014 body mounts MB Truck X X    
7010/1 allloy chassis Ecoline lang     X engine positioned differently
8420/1 plastic bumper with foam X X   Carson with hex
7152/1 body support X X    
7152/2 body support X X    
7153 spacer for body support X X   Carson 1mm
7105 ATS rim white X X    
5014 rc-plate X   X  
7068 rear axle riser plate X X    
8455 alloy caliper for disk brake X   X compatible as a complete unit
8462/6 plastic guide plate      
8393 brake bridge X X  
6079 rear axle shaft   X   3mm longer
6080 dogbone   X   4 mm shorter
6082 gear protector   X    
6071 alloy rear axle brace     X  
6064 differential case X X    
6065 differential tube X X   anodized
6048 differential spur gear 48T X X    
6069/1 differential output shaft   X   different spline size, but compatible when installed as a complete set
6066/1 diff. bevel gear < A      
6067 diff. bevel gear < B      
6068 differential axle X X    
6061 diff. mount l/h X   X  
6062 diff. mount r/h X   X  
7070/1 rear plate 97 X   X  
6029/1 balljoint 10 mm X   X  
6081/1 steel ball 5/10x15 X X    
6076/1 a-arm turnbuckle 61mm X X    
7103/1 uprights front X   X identically with touring car 1/5
6099 shock stay front X X    
8092 shock mounting shaft X X    
6104 wheel axle front X X    
8462/5 brake balancer X X   brake compatible when installed as a complete set
8462/4 bowden cable mount, short X X  
7428 plastic pinion 24T X X   outer diameter slightly different
7427 plastic spur gear 40T X X  
7071/2 plastic connector for stabilizer bar X X    
7035 engine mount, large     X engine position different
  engine mount, small       no corresponding part in a FG
3022 mounting pin for foam X X    
6106/2 wheel square <17mm X X   Carson +1,5mm/steel
6431 steel pinion 16T. X X    
7071 rear stabilizer bar 4mm X X   Carson +4mm/coated
8018 gas linkage Zenoah X X    
8017 brake linkage set X X    
8459/1 brake excenter shaft   X   length 1mm different
8458 brake disk X X   bore diameter 0.3mm different
8457/2 brake pad for disk brake X   X  
8116/1 3 chamber tuned pipe X X    
8475 adjustment screw for brake disk     X not compatible
8479 bushing for caliper X X   different material
6039 gear plate X   X  
8097 front bulkhead A X   X Complete FG front axle is a direct replacement for the Carson
8098 front bulkhead B X   X
8100 a-arm, front lower X   X
8100/1 a-arm, front upper X   X
6099 shock stay front X X  
7102 hinge pin front X X  
7103/1 upright front X   X
6104 front wheel axle X X  
6029/1 balljoint 10 mm X   X
8140 alloy brace for front axle X X  
6081/1 steel ball 5/10x15 X X  
8092 shock mounting shaft X X  
This comparison list was provided with greatest possible care, however we cannot guarantee for their correctness!

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