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Influence of diff fluid viscosity on handling

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Influence of diff fluid viscosity on handling

Front Thinner
increases steering into corners (off-power) if oil is too thin the steering may become inconsistent, especially it can lose forward traction (and steering) during acceleration out of corners Thicker: increases stability into corners during braking increases steering on-power at corner exit

Center Thinner:
front wheels unload more during acceleration decreases on-power steering (reduces oversteer) easier to drive on rough tracks if a high-power engine is used you could waste too much power and sometime “cook” the oil in the center diff erential because it “overloads” Thicker: more all-wheel drive effect better acceleration increases on-power steering (reduces understeer) better suited on high-bite, smooth tracks car can be more nervous to drive especially if a high power engine is used - you might need to be smooth on the throttle

Rear Thinner:
increases cornering traction increases steering into corner Thicker: decreases rear traction while cornering reduces wheelspin

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