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Notes on C-values for LiPo batteries

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"C" is short for capacity, i.e. the capacity of the battery in Ah.
If a battery has a rating of 25C, it can theoretically provide 25 times its capacity as a constant load. "Theoretically" because this does not mean continuously from full to empty, but over a period of e.g. 10 seconds. The peak load, which is usually twice as high, may only be applied for fractions of a second in comparison.

C-rating and capacity must also be seen in context in each case. If the capacity of a battery is high, its C-Rating does not have to be as high as that of a battery with smaller capacity in order to achieve the required absolute number of load capability.

Conversely, using a battery with a high C-rating for low current applications is also casting pearls before swine, since for a given capacity, increased C-rating usually means increased price and weight, and sometimes dimensions as well.

Therefore a 50C-rated receiver battery makes relatively little economic sense, but is technically trouble-free. A too small/weak drive battery, on the other hand, will very quickly swell up and be destroyed. If you buy cheap, you buy twice.

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