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Fun - creativity - technics
From beginners to experts

What is a RC car? What means RC? What in it for me? Many questions that we explain here.

• Learning with fun


Participation in competitions

Training, ambition and determination are needed to ride up front. Three factors that you and your child can train while having fun. Take advantage of the opportunity to inspire your child with an RC car.

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Driving on onroad and offroad tracks

High jump and deep fall, wet roads and sudden hydroplaning - physics has hard limits. Give your children the opportunity to learn these limits, without risking serious damage and danger.

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Stimulate the concentration

Did you or your children ever made a mistake because the concentration was missing?

Train your concentration by always having your RC car under control while driving and give your children the opportunity to see what consequences 1 or 2 seconds of inattention may cause.

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• Creativity


Tuning & maintenance

Next to driving skills the car's setup is the most important thing. The better a car is tuned to the track, the better it performs to its fullest potential.

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Masking and painting

Need new paint job? No matter what your vehicle looks afterwards, you can take it on any track. It is important for a nice paint job to mask certain areas so that the color will only go where you want it to be.

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No power? Clogged exhaust? Dirty air filter?

Clean your RC car regularly to prevent these problems.

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Cutting & rafting

Style your RC Car! Individualize your RC car and stand out from the crowd.

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• Technical understanding


RC / RC-Car

RC means remote (or radio) controlled. This means that you control your model via a transmitter. It sends signals to the receiver in the model which forwards them to the servos that transform the signals into a movement.

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We offer 1/5 and 1/6 scale RC cars. Looking for a specific part? With us you find almost all spare and option parts, as well as many accessories.

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Our RC cars can reach speeds of 60 km/h until 100 km/h. Engine power can be increased to more than 4.5 hp and 29 cc.

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Engine & carburetor

Engine and carburetor, along with clutch and gearbox, are the power plant.

The better these components are matched, the better acceleration, torque and top speed of your RC car will be.

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Gas & oil

The proper mixing ratio is critical to ensure the best possible lubrication and durability of the engine.

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A gearbox is used for matching the engine to the car and its application. Spur gears are most common in model cars. They allows for a space saving gear reduction which is required in model cars. Even a 2-speed gearbox is optionally available for some cars.

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Gas powered 1/5 and 1/6 scale cars use centrifugal clutches. Their shoes with friction pads that are pulled outwards with increasing RPMs, until they come into contact with the clutch bell. When RPMs drop of contact between clutch linings and clutch bell is disengaged by means of a return spring. The engagement point can be adjusted by using return springs of different strength.

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The exhaust system of a RC car is similar to that of a real car. Tuned pipes can significantly increase the performance of an engine. We have a wide range of tuned pipe system in our shop.

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Spark plugs

The appearance of a spark plug's electrodes and insulator provide information on the engine tuning, like the fuel mixture and the combustion process. The review of the spark plug is an essential component of the engine diagnostics.

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The tires provide contact between the RC car's suspension and the track. Depending on weather and surface different tires are required. The dirtier the track or the colder the weather, the more grip (softer) the tires should provide.

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Shock absorbers / suspension

The task of shock absorbers and suspension is to compensate for and dampen track irregularities or impacts to avoid damage to the RC car and to ensure contact with the road.

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Other suspension parts

Other suspension parts include the front and rear axle, a-arms and uprights. Every component has a specific task and together they work as the suspension of an RC car.

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Brakes are essential due to the high speed of the RC car. It would be irresponsible to drive an RC car without brakes. Don't make it fast if you can't make it stop!

Upon actuation of the brake lever on the remote controller (transmitter), the receiver forwards the brake signal to the servos, which activate the brake(s).

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The servos are responsible for steering. They ensure that the vehicle is traveling in the right direction.

There are also special servos for throttle/brake which are designed just for this task.

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The parts made of different materials aluminum, steel, plastic or carbon fiber (graphite).

Aluminum, steel and plastics are the most common material for our parts.

Carbon fiber is lighter than the standard materials and provides a weight advantage when driving. Selected products make use of this material.

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